Even cats accumulate lot of toxins in their body. Their natural detoxification system works to expel all these impurities out of their system but sometimes due to excess toxins and the malfunctioning of the natural detox process, these impurities may cause diseases or other discomforts. The increased use of processed cat food and raw fish can lead to more toxins in their body. These pollutants may also cause liver diseases and anemia.

DetoxPlus is a natural remedy to assist the cat’s body to release these toxins out. It supports the natural cleansing of the body system and elimination of the toxins and other dissolved impurities from the body. This helps improve the skin health and a shiny coat in the cats. Their joints can perform better and so will be the digestive system. The betterment of the digestive system clears way for an energetic body and overall wellness.


DetoxPlus is a complete herbal formula and is safe to use without the fear of side effects of any kinds. This is a healthier solution for digestive problems in cats. It is also capable of maintaining the health of the thyroid glands by eliminating the toxins from them. This improves the metabolic rate which makes the kitties feel better.

Ingredients of DetoxPlus

  • Bladderwrack is a vegetable that has many minerals like potassium, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium etc. iodine is good for thyroid health which controls all the metabolic activities. Regularly this plant extract will act as a tonic and make a healthier body for the cats.
  • Cape aloe is an aloe variety that is a natural digestive tonic which absorbs all nutrients which improves the general functioning of all the vital organs which leads to natural elimination of the toxins. It also assists in bowel movements in the cats as well.
  • Alfalfa is another herb that has tremendous amount of nutrients that can help in cleansing the body system. The fluid balance is maintained and will also improve bowel movements.
  • Burdrock is a natural cleanser and blood purifier. Being a digestive tonic it can help regulate the blood sugar levels in the cats. In some cats diabetes can cause dandruff and dry skin. All these can be avoided by cleansing the blood and eliminating the impurities.
  • Dandelion with its bitter elements make positive effects in liver and digestive system. It also has many nutrients that support all the vitals. It can excrete the retained water from the body through which the toxins also will be eliminated.

DetoxPlus – how to use

DetoxPlus is made into capsules. For administering this remedy to the cats, mix the contents of half the capsule into the food or water. Get creative by coating the contents over the kitty’s favorite fish and let her have it. The dosage should be half a capsule twice a day. Regular use of DetoxPlus in cats will make a healthier living for them. It can be used as curative or as a maintenance course to have regular detoxification.