Liver Disease

Denosyl – Nutritional Supplement For Cats Liver Disease

Denosyl for cats and dogs
Liver disorders in cats should be diagnosed at early stage to help them treat or manage. If you think your cat is suffering from liver disease then take your pet to veterinarian to evaluate its condition.

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Only pet’s veterinarian can determine the underlying cause and suggest proper treatment method. You can then buy the prescribed medication from VetApprovedRx. VetApprovedRx provides the most common medications and supplements to ensure your pet’s liver health. Denosyl is one of the nutritional supplements for cats to help deal with various kind of liver disease. The detailed description of Denosyl is included in this content.

Denosyl is a nutritional supplement that helps in minimizing a range of liver problems such as liver disease. This product is suitable for both dogs and cats. It is suggested to better hepatic glutathione levels in cats and dogs. It is also known to improve liver function by protecting and repairing liver cells. Denosyl 90 Mg is for cats and small dogs up to 12 lbs body weight and contains 30 Cnt Tablets.

Denosyl – Liver Support Benefits

Denosyl offers several benefits as listed below:

  • It helps enhance glutathione levels i.e. a significant antioxidant that protects your pet’s cells from dangerous toxins
  • It improves your pet’s liver health
  • There are no reported side effects from Denosyl

Denosyl Dosage and Administration

Kindly follow the following Dosage and Administration as mentioned below:

  • Make sure you do not crush or break the tablet as doing so will damage the tablet’s enteric coat and hinder absorption.
  • Remove only one tablet when you wish to use and do not remove extra tablets from its blister pack.
  • For optimal absorption of Denosyl, give it to your dog or cat on an empty stomach, at least an hour before feeding.
  • For giving more than 1 tablet, it is suggested to divide the daily dose between morning and evening.

Daily Dosing for Tablets

To help determine proper dose for your pet, consult your pet’s veterinarian. Generally, one to three Denosyl tablets can be given but depending on the pet’s weight.

  • Denosyl 90 mg: Small Dogs and Cats up to 12 lbs body weight – Give 1 tablet daily.
  • Denosyl 225 mg: Medium Dogs 13 to 35 lbs – Give 1 tablet daily

Densoyl 425 mg:

  • Large Dogs 35 to 65lbs – Give 1 tablet daily
  • Large Dogs 66 to 120lbs – Give 2 tablets daily
  • Large Dogs 121 lbs and over – Give 3 tablets daily

Denosyl Chewable Tablets for Dogs, 225mg 30 count are also available for use in dogs only. The 225 mg chewables are appropriate dosing for dogs of all sizes.

Denosyl Possible Side Effects

Till date there are no reported/ seen side effects caused by Denosyl. However, there are few rare cases of vomiting as a reported side effect. In addition, do not overdose this product as overdoses can be harmful to your pet.

Denosyl Cautions

Denosyl can interfere with some other medications. It must be used with caution when given with medications such as clomipramine, fluoxetine, tramadol, Mitaban Dip and amitriptyline. So consult pet’s veterinarian to help suggest you proper further course of action.

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