Dry, flaky, and itchy skin of the cats is common for dandruff. It is usually found around the back and at the base of the tail part. The skin may be reddened, inflamed and have scaly patches. DandRUFF Relief is a natural remedy for this type of skin condition. This homeopathic formula soothes the itchy skin and reduces the redness and greasiness. It can also calm the sensitivity of the skin due to dryness and inflammation. DandRUFF Relief can also promote better fur health. The fur of the dry itchy skin will look dull and when the skin condition is revived it will go back to the shiny look once again.

Certain medical conditions, skin allergies, aging, dry conditions and lack of enough grooming etc can lead to the dry and itchy skin in cats. People will be reluctant to pet these cats with flakes and dull looking coat. DandRUFF Relief makes a natural relief from the flakiness and also condition the skin from inside out. If the cause is known then keep the cats away from it and regularly administer the DandRUFF Relief. Change in food, exposure to sun etc can also cause the dry skin in cats.

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DandRUFF Relief ingredients

  • Alumina is an excellent remedy for dryness due to aging and climatic conditions. It can heal the chapped skin and also its redness.
  • Apis mellifica is used for skin irritation; here irritated skin is a result of dryness and scratching. The sensitivity of the skin to touch is also cured. The dryness caused by cold or heat is taken care by this ingredient.
  • Arsenicum iodatum is used in homeopathic remedies for skin exfoliation in large scale due to dryness. The irritation caused by the same is also taken care of by thins ingredient of DandRUFF Relief.
  • Causticum can reduce the powdery flakes from skin, discoloration and any breakouts as well. The burning sensation after frequent itching and the soreness are cured. It can also provide a healthier rloof to the skin and fur of the cats.
  • Kali muriaticum is a remedy for dandruff. The dry and flour like scales from the skin can be treated with this.
  • Sulphur is used for the itchy dryness that may cause burning sensation and soreness.

DandRUFF Relief dosage

DandRUFF Relief is a liquid formulation to make its administration simpler. It can either be sprayed directly into the cat’s mouth or is mixed with the diet of the cat. The frequency of dosage is 3 times in a day. Add 2 sprays into the target every time. In case of extreme dryness the frequency may be increased and is given at an interval of 20-30 minutes. The daily dose must not exceed 10 times.

The effectiveness of DandRUFF Relief is faster. But depending upon the type of the cat, genetics and extremity of the condition, there might be a delay to show improvements.

Only regular usage can bring the best results from DandRUFF Relief. It is safe to use without any side effects. Also have a regular bath for the felines and have a better grooming for them. Sterilize the cat’s accessories regularly, to have faster recovery.

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