An owner of a dozen cats says, “I just wanted to ensure that my kittens, elder kitties, and super males get all the essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs that they need. Thank God that I have found the right product to keep them healthy naturally.

What Is Daily Sure Multi-Herbal – Essential Herbal Extract For Cats – Functional Food Drops?

This essential herbal formulation is highly rich in phytonutrients and includes 10 organic adaptogenic herbs. This herbal preparation is a great way to replenish all the essential nutrients and it is safe for a long-term use. The best part is that this herbal formulation does not cause any side effects.

Directions – How To Use Daily Sure Multi-Herbal – Essential Herbal Extract For Cats – Functional Food Drops
Each bottle contains 120 droppers and you can administer this product by mouth on an empty stomach or add to the cat food directly. One dropper equals one squeeze on the black bulb of the dropper, which is around 1ml ( half full pipette). Administer DailySureTM for a lifetime, but for optimal results keep away for 2 consecutive days out of each week.

DAILY Sure Multi-Herbal – Essential Herbal Extract For Cats

Do you want to help your cat to stay healthy and get all the essential nutrients on a daily basis? Read this article about daily sure multi-herbal functional food drops for cats.

Daily Sure Multi-Herbal – Functional Food Drops For Cats – Dosage

The dosage of DailySureTM for Cats and Kittens are as follows

  • Under 2,5 kg – 1/2 dropper daily
  • 3 to 7,5 kg. – 1 dropper daily
  • 8 kg and up – 2 droppers daily


  • Turmeric root – helps to improve the immune system, clears infections, and helps in healing and repairing damages. It also helps to prevent bacterial growth and improves digestion. This ingredient also includes essential compounds that flush out free radicals from the body.
  • Dandelion root – this ingredient helps to protect the liver, detoxify the body, and improve blood sugar levels, weight management and to boost the immune system.
  • Burdock root – is an excellent blood purifier, helps to improve the lymphatic system, and acts as a natural diuretic and skin healer. It also helps in diabetes management, prevents cancer, improves arthritis, provides relief from pain, and helps to treat an enlarged spleen
  • Seeds Greek hay – also known as fenugreek. This is as excellent diuretic and helps to promote healthy skin and coat. It promotes hair growth, prevents diarrhoea, ulcers, treats stomach issues and nasal congestion
  • Milk thistle seed – This ingredient is a natural treatment for liver problems. The liver problems managed by this ingredient are cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders. This unique ingredient also helps to improve heart health and lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Shiitake mushroom – Shiitake mushrooms are loaded with essential vitamins and they are an excellent source of vitamin D. shiitake health benefits also includes support in weight loss, support cardiovascular health, prevents cancer cell formations, improve stamina levels and improve cognitive functions, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system.
  • Leaf of Ginkgo Biloba – ginkgo Biloba offers a wide array of health benefits. It helps to improve cognitive functions, promotes positive moods, increased stamina, improved memory functions and alleviates symptoms related to multiple chronic diseases. It also helps to reduce asthma-related symptoms and congestion.
  • Bermuda grass – This ingredient is a great alkalizing agent, which helps to get rid of stomach acid, heartburns, and gastric ulcers. It also helps to deal with diabetes, prevent anemia, works as a detoxifier, prevents congestion, and strengthens teeth and bones. This ingredient is definitely an excellent addition and the best herbal ingredient ever made for cats.
  • Astragalus root – This ingredient is a traditional Chinese medicine used for centuries. The health benefits offered by this ingredient are immense. It helps to boost the body’s immune system, treat various cardiovascular conditions, detox the body, and offer support in diabetes management. In addition, this ingredient contains essential nutrients and dietary fiber that promotes a healthy digestive system.
  • Hawthorn berry – This is a popular ingredient in used in most of the pet foods due to its vast health benefits. It helps to support the heart, strengthen the blood vessels, and prevent congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain. Hawthorn berry also helps to prevent irregular heartbeat and treat both low blood pressure and high blood pressure. It helps to reduce high cholesterol and building up of plaque in the body.

Other ingredients used: distilled water, glycerin vegetable, organic apple cider vinegar, citric acid, all certified USP (Pharmacopoeia Americana), Kosher, no GMO.

Why is DAILY SURE MULTI-HERBAL – FUNCTIONAL FOOD DROPS FOR CATS better than other products in the market?

4 oz Glycerite (Alcohol-free) DAILY SURE MULTI-HERBAL for cats comes in a neatly packed Amber Glass Tincture with Dropper. This USDA Certified Organic formulation contains Human Grade Ingredients. This product comes in a liquid form and the body easily absorbs it. It is definitely the best option when compared to tablets and granules or any other diets. This product is easily absorbed 5 times better than any other product available in the market. Moreover, this product does not cause any side effects and contains organic ingredients.

DAILY Sure Multi-Herbal Customer reviews

Daily sure herbal for cats is a great food that is highly praised by many customers. They say that it contains all essential herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Most of the customers say that this product is highly affordable and safe for use.

  • “A great product and an easy addition to the daily supplement needs of my cat. A holistic practioner recommended this product and I am happy that I bought it. It has helped me to support my cats health needs and does not cause any side effects”
  • “The best part is that it is easy to administer and my cat doesn’t even know that it is having some dietary supplement. It has all the essential vitamins, minerals, and organic herbs that offer great health. It has helped my cat to improve its coat, and get rid of nasal congestion within two weeks of use. I recommend this product to all and it is a must buy for all cat owners.”
  • “I started using after my vet suggested this product. This is by far the best product ever I found for cats. It has definitely helped my cat to get rid of stomach upset issues.”

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this product for dogs?

No, this product is only for cats and you can find a similar product for dogs from Daily sure.

Does this product cause any side effects?

No, it contains all natural ingredients and organic extracts. This product does not cause any side effects and there are no reported complaints from customers until date.

Where to buy daily sure multi-herbal functional drops for cats

You can buy this product from, which is the official website. This product is exclusively available at this official site and not available elsewhere. You cannot find this product at Amazon or any other e-portals. You get this product at great discounted price at the official website and there is no need of any coupons for buying this product.

How do I return a product?

You can return a product via UPS postal service and avail the total refund. However read the terms and conditions at the official website for more details. Make sure to include the original invoice along with the return package.

Do they ship internationally?

Yes, they do ship to most of the countries. However to be sure sign up and check the drop down menu while filling the contact form. If your country is listed then you can go further to order their products.

How to store the “Daily Sure functional drops”

Refrigerate the product after first use as this helps to prevent contamination and helps to preserve the potency of the ingredients. Keep this product away from sunlight and kids.


Cats are finicky creatures and they hardly eat any healthy foods. Even if you give them nutritious diets, they tend to look for taste rather than having something great for their health. As sensible pet owners, it is our duty to protect them and manage their dietary needs. Daily sure functional drops are a great addition and worth buying for the cats health needs.