The significance of pituitary glands is that the hormone from this gland controls the activities of the adrenal gland. If there is a problem with adrenal gland there might be autoimmune diseases, tumor in the pituitary gland, feline adrenal tumor etc.

If the cat shows symptoms like excess thirst, excess urination, too much of eating, weight loss, loss of energy, pot belly, hair loss, puss from skin and infections, then the feline might be suffering from problems in the adrenal gland. Cushex drops will be helpful in these situations to provide relief from these discomforts and also to improve the cat’s general health.

The Cushex drops can reduce the effects of long term high cortisol levels and normalize the urination of the felines. It promotes adrenal glands health and help it function normally. The energy levels and digestion is also improved. The blood pressure and blood sugar levels of the cats are also maintained.

Cushex Drops for cats

Cushex drops is a natural remedy for cats to help improve the adrenal health and pituitary gland function. The adrenal gland sin cats regulate many functions which include the hormone secretion and blood pressure balance, glucose levels etc.

What are the ingredients in Cushex drops?

The Cushex drops are a blend of herbal extracts and homeopathic ingredients.

  • Burdrock is a cleansing herb that also helps detoxify the cells and eliminate many unwanted substances.
  • Dandelion is a liver tonic but is also for adrenal glands as well. It helps normalize the adrenal functioning and reduce body inflammation. It also has minerals and vitamins that can reduce the hair loss of the cats.
  • Astragalus is an adaptogen for the adrenal glands to restore its balance. It also regulates the blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Arsenicum is added to treat the frequent urination and excessive thirst. It also alleviates a few digestive problems in the cats.
  • Hepar sulph is a wound healer for irritated skin.
  • Merucrius can address the thirst issues and irritability shown by the cats.
  • Sulphur helps reduce thirst and also improve skin health. It is also an active digestive tonic.

How to administer Cushex drops?

The Cushex drops is easily dissolved in the food or water for the cats. It does not stand out with its taste. Simply drop in 2-3 drops of Cushex drops in the food, twice or thrice in a day. A bottle of Cushex drops will last easily for up to 3 months.

Cushex drops do not have any side effects or have any kind of drug interactions. It is safe for cats of all ages. Care must be taken while administering Cushex drops to pregnant cats.

Some cats show faster relief while others may take one or two days. Once the adrenal and pituitary health is restored the cat will feel more energetic and slowly the other symptoms also disappear. Cushex drops is a homeopathic remedy and can provide only temporary relief for as long as it is administered. A long term treatment will provide permanent relief.