Just like humans cats also need to get their teeth to be groomed on a regular basis as they are also prone to bad breath, tooth decay and gum problems.

I guess most of us are not aware of these issues and I was myself unaware until one day I felt a foul smell coming out of my kitty’s mouth. At first I thought it might be due to some food that it ate lately or due to gas or even something else. But then as days passed it wasn’t going away and to be frank I never took care of my kitty’s oral hygiene seriously as little did I know about dental care for cats. A week passed and then I went to a vet for vaccinating my cat and that’s when I asked him about the foul smell issue. He simply replied “that’s because your cat isn’t brushing”. Well I was totally surprised and stared at him with totally no idea look on my face.

Proden PlaqueOff Dental Care

Having a pet is not a cup of coffee and I am sure you are aware of it by now. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Now I am not saying not brushing your cat’s teeth makes you a bad parent, its probably because you were not aware of how crucial things are.

It was a common reaction from my side and can expect the same from others who don’t know much about dental care for cats. So I asked my vet in detail and got a few tips to take care of my kitty’s teeth in proper shape and health. I am sharing those tips so that you can also be aware of these things in the future.

If you want yours feline to stay safe from those nerve irking surgeries which are caused due to improper dental hygiene then go ahead and read.

  • Keep an eye on your cat’s teeth and oral health on a daily basis. Check for symptoms like bad breath, excessive drooling as these can signal a possible tooth decay or a gum problem.
  • Take to the vet and get checked thoroughly, periodically as it will help to prevent problems from budding. Why to wait for problems to show and make your cat suffer?
  • Get a cat tooth paste which is easily available and gear up with a tooth brush to make your cat to have a clean set of white pearls. Initially your cat might be fuzzy and wouldn’t let you go ahead but slowly it will get used to this cleaning procedure.
  • Provide a healthy diet which provides enough calcium and minerals that can help to keep oral health in perfect shape.
  • Never feed leftovers and unwanted food stuffs to your feline as it might affect its health.
  • Give them normal food and remember they are animals and they have natural instincts to chew bones and eat raw meat. So provide them their original staple food instead of canned food. Chewing will help to keep white pearls in proper health.
  • Give them bones to play with and remember only to give large bones that they can’t swallow.
  • Keep them hydrated as water is very essential to maintain good hygiene and oral health.
  • Add coconut oil to its diet as a daily supplement. It helps to prevent tooth decay and is the best medicine to keep oral health in proper condition.

Brushing and taking care of oral hygiene is really a boring task but while we think of surgeries and dental tools I guess it is better to do the former task sincerely. Being subjected to tooth decay once I had enough strain and pain sitting in that uneasy chair in a dental clinic and I don’t want my kitty to go through all those. So I am doing everything possible to make her shining pearls glow with full of life.