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Cosequin For Feline Joint Health

Cosequin for Cats

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Cosequin is a supplement for cats that improve the joint health. It is formulated with a combination of glucosamine and chondrotin. This combination is awesome for the muscles and joint. These active ingredients are taken from shellfish and bovine respectively. The natural origin wipes off any chances of side effects and makes this product completely safe.

Cosequin is available as sprinkle capsules, the capsules that are opened and the contents are sprinkled on to the target. The contents used have low molecular weight and are easy to digest and absorption. It goes on to slow down the cartilage breakdown. It is good for bladder health as well. The chicken flavor added in the mix along with a little flavor of tuna, the cats would surely love the taste of it. at the least the cats will not hesitate at the taste of it.

Cosequin For Feline Joint Health Ingredients

  • Glucosamine hydrochloride from shellfish
  • Sodium chondrotin sulfate from bovine cartilage
  • Manganese ascorbate
  • Mixed glucosamineglycans
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Cosequin work mechanism

The glucosamnine, chondrotin and manganese ascorbate work together to prevent the enzymes from breaking down the joint cartilage. Both glucosamine and chondrotin are building blocks of the joint cartilage that also stimulate the body to make more of it. It is also benefit to reduce the pain suffered during arthritis. With these two components in Cosequin the good health of the joint tissues in the cats in assured. The bladder wall cells also benefits as they are also formed with these similar compounds.

Cosequin For Feline Joint Health Usage directions

Cosequin is safe to use daily. The dosage is as per the body weight. The cats that weigh less than 10 lbs can have 1 capsule sprinkled over its food. The cats that are over 10 lbs can take 2 capsules. Continue using Cosequin for a good 4-6 weeks to have desired results or for a better evaluation of its effectiveness. Once the relief or desired result is achieved, reduce the dose to one capsule every other day. Likewise, for better results, the dosage can be increased as well to attain the target.

Cosequin capsule contents may be mixed preferably with the wet food to ensure that they do take the full dosage every time. The contents will be dissolved in the wet food better than in the dry ones.

Cosequin is available in a bottle with 80 capsules. For small cats it will last for more than 2 months.

Cosequin For Feline Joint Health Cautions and side effects

  • Side effects for Cosequin are very rare. If there is any side effect it would be diarrhea.
  • The main thing to remember is that this product is not part of any treatment methods. It is just an additional nutrition to aid in the ongoing process or as a maintenance dose.
  • Do not use Cosequin if there is any infection or if a surgery is required soon.
  • Store Cosequin bottle in a cool and dry place away from the heat of sun. Always close the lid tight and keep it away room children.
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