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CoproBan Chew Tablets For Pets

20-Piece CoproBan Anti-Coprophagia Chew Tabs, Roast Beef Flavor

Dogs and cats have the nasty habit of eating their own feces from the litter box. If your pet is one among them, do not worry you are not alone and there are remedies out here. CoproBan chew tablets are one of the easiest and effective remedy for this disturbing habit. It is effective for both cats an dogs equally. Though CoproBan is in chewable formed tablets it is highly preferable to the powdered form of the other coprophagia remedies.

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Features of CoproBan chew tablets

  • CoproBan chew tablets taste like beef, thanks to the added tasty beef flavor.
  • CoproBan chew tablets are chewable and there is no powdery residue left behind while administering.
  • It is suitable for both cats and dogs. The soft chewy texture will be acceptable for the pets and they hardly show any reluctance in using it.
  • CoproBan chew tablets have cellulose from aspergillus niger in the good amount that prevents the animals from eating from the litter box. The cats and dogs will slowly stop their nasty habit.
  • CoproBan chew tablets are completely safe and do not cause any kind of side effects or negative effects on them.
  • The main ingredients used are MSG, natural and artificial flavors that gives the beef taste, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, soy lecithin, and the most important cellulose enzyme from the probiotic bacteria. Salt is also added for taste.
  • CoproBan chew tablets come in strips of 5 tablets. There will be 4 such strips in each pack of the product.

CoproBan Chew Tablets For Pets Feeding instructions

The feeding instructions explain that the dosage depends on the weight of the dogs or cats. For pets that are less than 40 lbs can have ½ of the soft chews with each of their meal. For larger pets that are more than 40 lbs, add another ½ a chew.

Other instructions

CoproBan chew tablets are to be stored at room temperature that is 15- 30 degree C. It is meant as animal use only to keep out of reach of children. Administer only as directed. Overdosage may not be good for the pets.

CoproBan Chew Tablets For Pets Customer reviews

The customer reviews of CoproBan chew tablets are mixed. There are pet owners who have found this product highly effective while there are others who have not had any success with it. some say their pets have reduced the amount of filth they eat but the habit is still there.

Interestingly, the success rate is more in younger pets than the older ones. The little ones who have just started with this habit seem to be easier to get rid of it than the ‘experienced’ ones.

Those who have tasted success with this product are happy that CoproBan chew tablets come at a better price.

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