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Commonly Found Ear Infections In Cats – Causes, Treatment, & Prevention

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My sister wasn’t ready to adopt a cat but little Nellie found an orphan kitten from around the compound and brought home. Left with no choice she had to accept the kitten for keeping Nellie’s wish. Problems started arising as Nellie is too small to take care of cats and my sis she wasn’t interested in cats or I would say she is scared of cats since childhood. But somehow things went swiftly until one day this cat returned back home with a deep scratch on its ear probably an attack from a neighbor cat. It further developed into an abscess only to get worse and my sister called me right away to handle the situation. By the time I reached the cat had acquired an ear infection so we took her to the vet.

My sis thought it was a small scratch and dint pay much attention moreover she wasn’t aware of cat ear infections or anything related to a cat. The whole left ear got swollen with pus coming out form the abscess with a foul smell. The vet did all the required procedures and treatment to contain the infection. She was given a course of antibiotics so that the wound can heal quickly with further no issues.

Now my sis is slowly getting acquainted with the cat and Nellie is also actively participating in grooming the cat. I hope they do a great job together and learn better about cats.

So if you own a cat or want to own a cat and probably know nothing about ear infections in cats then this write up is exclusively for you. Read ahead and gather valuable information so that next time you can deal better with cats.

Feline Ear Infections In Cats And Diagnosis

Cats rarely acquire ear infections unlike dogs but once an infection occurs it might prove complicated and tough to handle. Taking him to the vet is the best way to ascertain what’s wrong and who caused the whole drama. In most of the cases ear mites are the ones who play the role of a baddie if not then there might be other culprits who are behind the nasty job.

If your mouser has an ear infection the vet will order for a series of tests like X-rays or in rare cases sedation might be required to carry out the procedures.

Causes Of Ear Infections In Cats

  • If not an ear mite then the ear infection might have stemmed from another medical condition that has to be found. But in general here are a few causes that can lead ear infections in cats.
  • Yeast or bacteria; single handedly or both together join hands to cause infections
  • Excessive hair growth in the ear lobes and ear canal
  • Food allergies
  • Seasonal allergies, pollens
  • Tumors along the ear canal
  • Autoimmune problems where the body itself damages its own cells and tissues
  • Damaged eardrum
  • Excess wax build up and improper ear cleaning
  • Foreign objects and insects
  • Environmental irritants and chemicals
  • Diabetes mellitus

Signs And Symptoms Of A Possible Ear Infection In Your Cat

  • If your buddy has acquired an ear infection then for sure it is going to scratch and paw his ear continuously. He might also shake his head and slide sideward’s to the ear which is paining.
  • You can also find some discharge that may be black or yellow in color
  • Inflammation and swelling in the ears
  • Wax builds up
  • Foul smell
  • Loss of balance
  • Irritation and aggression
  • Brown discharge like coffee grounds
  • Not answering or loss of hearing

Treatment Of Ear Infections In Cats

Infections may be due to ear mites, yeast or any other cause mentioned above. If it is due to microorganisms then the vet will treat the infection with the help of antibiotics, antifungal or an antibacterial medication. Sometimes there is chance for the infection to spread into the middle ear so in such cases oral medications are prescribed along with injections depending on the condition.

Initially a cleaning procedure will be done to clean off all the debris present in the ears. If your vet has prescribed ear drops then carefully apply them by clipping the hairs to one side. Open the ear flap slowly and spray the solution as per instruction and massage the base of the ear.

Alternatively you can check your cat’s ears at home and if the visible part is pink and clear you can relax. Most of the ear problems resolve after the intake of medications and topical solutions but if it is the case of any growth or obstacle in the ear canal then surgery is the last resort. Also you can clean your cat’s ears occasionally using natural products like ear clean gold so that such infections can be prevented.

How Can You Prevent Ear Infections?

  • Maintain hygienic surrounding by controlling the growth of mites
  • Keeping cats indoor so that fight related abscess can be prevented
  • Frequent ear cleaning
  • Routine check ups
  • Healthy food so that the immune system will stay boosted
  • Never insert any cleaners inside instead leave that job for the vet

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do prevent ear mites in my kitty?

If you want your kitty to be safe and sound far from the reach of ear mites then better keep her ears clean. Mostly cats do not need much cleaning unlike dogs but still it is better to check her ears frequently. You can use apple cider vinegar or olive oil to clean the ears naturally. These home remedies are not only safe but also help to protect from ear mites.

Are there any home remedies for bacterial infections in the ears of felines?

There are numerous home remedies but I would say a vet is the best person to examine and provide the needed solution as far as ear infections are concerned. Still if you want to try clearing the infection yourself then you can rely on green tea. Dip a bag of green tea in a cup of lukewarm water for few minutes. Now take a cotton ball and dip in the solution to clean both the ears gently without poking the ear canal. This will help to clean up the debris, wax and other foreign particles present inside.

My cat’s ears have swollen with bacterial infection? Is there any home remedy that can help?

Again the best choice is to leave this problem to a vets hand but if you are adamant about treating it yourself or not able to meet a vet then here is a solution that you can try. Mix some almond oil with vitamin E oil and gently clean the cat’s ears and massage the base gently. If the infection hasn’t spread to the middle ears then the whole issue will clear up in few days else your kitty will need some antibiotics from a vet.

There is considerable hair loss in my cat around its ears and head? What might be the problem?

Hair loss may be a genetic condition but not in all cases. Hair loss especially around the ears can be a pointer towards one of these: ear mites, fleas, mange, fungus, ticks, allergy or even stress. So the best way is to take him to the vet and get the ear canal cleaned gently and have a through checkup for few weeks.

Is ear cleaning necessary in cats?

Ear cleaning isn’t a must in cats but periodic check up and occasional cleaning will do no harm. By doing so you can ensure the cat is doing great and also prevent possible infections at a very early stage. You can try using a natural product called Ear clean gold from petwellbeing.com which helps to keep the inner ear healthy and protect from ear mites. It is the best product that you rely on to clean cats ears and free it from all sorts of debris. Ear clean gold is an herbal formulation and it is totally safe for use on pets and a number one product endorsed by vets around the world.

Conclusion: Ear infections are uncommon in cats but there are hefty chances due to the kind of environment that we are staying in. Periodic checking and cleaning can help your kitty to lead a healthy life. Spend some time watching your kitty and examining it to avoid hair loss and ear infections.

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