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ClindaCure Oral Suspension For Cats

ClindaCure Oral Suspension

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ClindaCure Oral Suspension also called Clindamycin is an oral formula to provide to cats who are suffering from abscesses, wounds from infections caused in the soft tissues, osteomyelitis, dental infections and other infections. This has proven to be an effective medication to give to your cats and there the cases of side effects are rare or less severe.

One of the ingredients of this medication is clindamycin. It is a semi synthetic antibiotic and in its hydrochloride form contains hydrated salt. This ingredient is extracted from chlorosubstitution which is naturally produced. The clindamycin hydrochloride is available in a quantity of 25 mg in the ClindaCure Oral Suspension. Another ingredient of this medicine formula is ethyl alcohol which constitutes 8.64% of the total medicine.

Dosage Level and Administration

The Liquid ClindaCure Oral Suspension requires administration of 2 to 6 ml for every 10 lbs of the body weight of cat. This must be administered for 12 hours. For the infected wounds, abscesses and dental infections faced by the cats, 5.0 to 15.0 mg/lb of body weight should be given. This should be administered for every 24 hours. This administration can vary depending on the severity of condition faced by the cats.

  • For 5.0 mg/lb, administration should be done once every 24 hours for 1 ml/5 lbs of the body weight of the cat.
  • For 15.0 mg/lb, administration should be done once every 24 hours for 3 ml/5 lbs of the body weight of the cat.

You can continue giving ClindaCure Oral Suspension for your cats for 14 days. This also depends on the indication prescribed by your doctor. But if there are no response to the medication seen for 3 to 4 days, discontinue it and consult your vet.

Side effects of ClindaCure Oral Suspension

Side effects are less common by the user of ClindaCure Oral Suspension. Some side effects or drug reactions reported are Vomiting and Diarrhea. But there is no evidence this is caused solely because of ClindaCure. Some cats who are hypersensitive to clindamycin or lincomycin faces some trouble when consuming the ClindaCure as these are two substances included in this medication. Some animals have also faced gastrointestinal effects but that necessarily need not be for cats. This is because the cats that are sensitive to gastrointestinal problems will experience problems like the overgrowth of organisms that are non-susceptible like clostridia and yeasts. Anyway it is highly recommended to give the ClindaCure only after proper prescription from your vet.

To known the suspected adverse reaction, there is a data sheet available on that called the MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet. You can also call to the toll free number of ClindaCure Oral Suspension agency and get your queries cleared. The toll free number is 1-800-650-4899.

Things to note:

  • If the treatment is continued for one month or so, it is advised to check your liver and kidney functioning tests regularly. This is to ensure that no such drug interactions are taking place by the side for the cat’s body.
  • The cat must also be tested on its blood counts and ensured that the proper levels are maintained.
  • Some cats might face extreme cases of infections. So when such problems arise, immediate medical help should be given to the cat.
  • Those cats who are suffering from severe levels of renal diseases, hepatic disease or extreme metabolic aberrations, then they must be monitored throughout the time of giving the medication. This is must at the time of giving high doses.
  • Cats that are quick to adapt to neuromuscular blocking properties should be given ClindaCure Oral Suspension with caution.
  • These medications are prepared solely for the purpose of use in animals. So humans are not supposed to use it.
  • It is strictly advised to keep it out of the reach of children.

Storage Levels

The ClindaCure Oral Suspension should be stored at room temperature. That is, 20o to 25o Celsius or 68o to 77o Fahrenheit. The bottle should be closed tightly when not using so that no harmful particles gets into the medicine.

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