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i-Clenz – Promote Visual Health & Cleanse Tear Stains In Cats

i-Clenz is a herbal remedy for clearing away the tear stains in cats. The tear stains are formed as a result of constant flow of the tears in excessive amount. The reason behind the excessive tears can be many from the eye infection to the ingrown eyelashes. Tear stains are common factors which is more prominent in light complexioned cats. Even though tear stains are common it can be serious in some cases if it is due to infection, glaucoma etc.

i-Clenz can remove these tear stains with regular use. i-Clenz cleanses the stains away and also improve the cat’s vision. It is soothing to the eye area to relieve any stress and pain there. It acts as a general tonic to the eyes and the surrounding area. It is a complete herbal formula with no chemicals used. It is safe for the cat’s eyes, without causing any irritations.

PetAlive i-Clenz, 50 ml

What causes tear stains?

The tear stains are due to the porphyrins in the tears. These compounds are formed as waste from the red blood cells which is excreted through the tears, urine, and saliva of the cats. When the cat has excess tears that have porphyrins in them it creates a streak on its path. What causes the stain is the iron content in the porphyrins which in exposure to the air and sunlight turns reddish rust colored and is more prominent.

Eye infections also cause the tear stains and that stains will be more brownish than reddish. The yeast caused tears stains are different from that due to an abnormality in the tear ducts.

Using instructions for i-Clenz

i-Clenz is for external use only. i-Clenz which is in tincture form is applied on to a clean and damp cotton swab. Use this swab to clean the tear stains by wiping over them from below the eyes. It should not be applied into the eyes.

For cleaning the eyes, use a diluted form of i-Clenz. For diluting, mix in 2-3 drops of i-Clenz in 25 ml of clean and warm water. Dip the cotton swab in this solution and use it to clean the eyes. Use different swabs for each eye.

Please note that i-Clenz should NOT be applied directly into the cat’s eyes. A single bottle can be used for a month depending on the usage.

Ingredients in i-Clenz

  • Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis): As the name suggest this herb is excellent for eye health and has been used for many years so far. It is soothing to the eyes and helps brighten up the eyes and its vision. The tonic effects of this herb support healthy eyes.
  • Dandelion (taraxacum officinale) is a natural cleanser. Its purpose is to remove the excess of anything on the surface, here it is the porphyrins.
  • Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) basically is a soothing herb which can also be used for cleansing. It is an eye tonic by just from external application.

i-Clenz must be used at least twice a day. Sometimes the diet also plays its part in the staining process. Give the cat filtered water only as the tap water contains many minerals in it that can add to the staining.

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