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Clavamox – Remedy For Treating Bacterial Infections In Cats

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Clavamox is a highly effective remedy for treating bacterial infections in cats. It has the property to kill all the strains of bacteria and preventing further diseases attacking the cats. The positive and negative bacteria that act as a hindrance to the health of the cat can be eliminated when this medicine is given to your cats.

Uses of Clavamox for Cats

  • Wounds – Being susceptible to wounds is a common thing for animals and cats are no exception. Proper treatment should be given before the wound injuries get worse.
  • Abscesses – Abscesses are skin disorders which take place because of bites caused at the time of fighting. Clavamox provides a remedy to that.
  • Cellulitis – Cellulitis causes swelling around the wounded region and this makes the cat very uncomfortable and irritated. But this problem is solved here.
  • Pyoderma – Both the types of Pyoderma can be treated by Clavamox that is superficial pyoderma and juvenile pyoderma.
  • Urinary tract disease – Not only urinary tract infections but also its symptoms like frequent urination, painful urination, urinating after a long gap, unusual urinating pattern and so on are treated by Clavamox.

Ingredients of Clavamox for Cats

  • Amoxicillin trihydrate – Amoxicillin trihydrate is an effective remedy for killing the bacteria presents it the cat’s body and treating all the types of bacterial infections faced by them.
  • Potassium clavulanate – Potassium clavulanate is also known as Amoxicillin sodium which is also effective for killing certain types of bacteria and in fact helps in treating a number of bacterial infections in cats.

Dosage levels of Clavamox for Cats

For tablets, 6.25 mg/lb should be given two times a day. For the drops, 1 ml/10 lbs should be given. This is because as the size of the cat increases so does the requirement of more amount of dosage to take effect. For the powdered suspension, you must reconstitute it by adding 14 ml of water to it and shaking is well.

Usually the dosage should be given for two days for the effect to start taking place. But if the response is not shown even after three days, you can reconsider the treatment and ask your vet for help. This is because the effect on different cats is different. In cases of chronic or refractory, its takes a little more time for the effect to start showing. A maximum of 30 days is suggested as duration to give your cats Clavamox.

Side effects of Clavamox for Cats

The company boasts about no side effects faced by the cats using Clavamox. But there are some cases of side effects and drug reactions caused to the following types of cats:

  • Cats who are suffering from allergic reactions to penicillin’s might have drug reactions when Clavamox is consumed. This risk increases when this allergy is faced by the cat for a long time.
  • Anaphylactic shock reactions are another type of side effect faced. This is a serious kind which can affect the cat drastically.
  • It is advisable for cats that are pregnant or breeding or in the nursing stage to use Clavamox only after getting permission from your vet.

As you as your cat faces any severe reactions to the medicine consult your doctor and stop the usage of the product. Seek immediate help and continue to use the medication only after the doctor’s advice.

Storage of Clavamox for Cats

Tablets: The Clavamox tablets should be stored in a cool and dry place. For the effectiveness of the tablets to last it should be stored at temperatures less than 77oF or 25oC.

Drops: The Clavamox drops are used by reconstituting, that is, by mixing it with water or any other liquid. So once reconstituted, it should be refrigerated. After reconstituting, if it is not used for 10 days then do not use it. Discard it right away. That is, once the suspension is done by adding water to should be used immediately for the effect to take place. If not used for more than 10 days, it is better to throw it away.

The Clavamox is available in the following quantities for purchase:

  • 15ml bottle-liquid
  • 62.5 mg 210 cnt tablets
  • 62.5 mg per tablet
  • 125 mg 210 tablets
  • 125 mg per tablet
  • 250 mg 210 cnt tablets
  • 250 mg per tablet
  • 375 mg 210 cnt tablets
  • 375mg per tablet

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