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Citressence Pet Spray For Cat Odor

Citressence Pet Spray

Having a cat with bad odor is very rare. If the cat stinks then there definitely is a serious condition or reason behind it. Cats are fastidious groomers to keep themselves clean. But sometimes with skin infections, wet paws etc cause a bad smell. There are cases where there is no particular reason for the stink and the solution is a thorough bath and some cat perfumes!

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Citressence Pet Spray is a convenient cat perfume that does not form a clear fragrance but neutralizes the bad odor emitting from the cats. Most body sprays mask the smell and after a while, there is a mixed smell which might be intolerable.

Citressence Pet Spray on application works on to neutralize the smell effectively. After a while, there will be no scent at all. Whatever be the odor-causing agents, the bacteria, secretions or anything, the ingredients in Citressence Pet Spray erase it completely. There are no secondary odor-causing compounds formed. Made with only natural ingredients, Citressence Pet Spray is safe for all cats.

Cats being self-cleaners are the main reason why they are the greatest of pets. But when they stink for some reason and you have a guest to arrive soon, it is not possible to have it bathed quick. What is the solution then? Citressence Pet Spray is the solution here. Simply spray it on to the cat’s skin. It leaves a sweet, lemon scent initially. Later there is no scent, good or bad and your cat is ready to be presented before anyone.

Citressence Pet Spray is not a remedy for the cat odor but an odor counteracts that act against the odor to have it neutralized. The ingredient in this spray, lemon extracts works on to the molecular level to have the odor erased completely.

Ingredients in Citressence Pet Spray

Purified water is used as the base.

Natural lemon extract is known for its odor blocking effects. Whatever be the reason for the odor, on anything, lemon ha the power to neutralize. If the reason is any bacterial infection on cats, it not only erases the odor but also kills the bacteria as well. It also prevents further worsening of the infection.

Lemon concentrate includes all of the lemon. The complete concentrate if this citrus fruit has more active ingredients in it than the extract. This and the actual extract work together to work against any cause.

Citressence Pet Spray Usage

Citressence Pet Spray comes as a concentrated solution that can be sprayed on to the cats. if it is the paws that stinks, spray it directly on to its paws thoroughly. If it is body odor sprays it all over, keeping it away from its eyes.

Citressence Pet Spray is for external use only and is not to be administered internally or in its mouth. It is only a body odor controller not a remedy for bad breath.

Spraying Citressence Pet Spray around the home also removes any scent left by the stinking cat and makes the home fresh and clean as well.

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