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VETiONX Chillout Chews

Does your pet shows episodes of stress, anxiousness, restless and show a scared status. Deal by giving them chillout chews. Chill out chews are safe, nutrient treat that will help to support your pet’s mood and make them calmer in their behavior. This will provide a wide spectrum support for your pets which will include, vitamin thiamine, protein complex, calming protein complex and amino acids. This is completely safe and natural. This is available in rosemary and chicken liver flavor. It is totally free of artificial ingredients and contains no artificial colors.


Since pets can convey how they feel, being a pet owner it’s our duty to find out and understand the problems that our pet is facing. Certain signs and symptoms will help you to find out if they are stressed or anxious.

  • Hiding more often
  • Urinating more than often
  • More of howling or barking
  • More of a destructive behavior (chewing, scratching, digging)
  • More digestive issues- vomiting or diarrhea
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Excessive licking, sucking spinning
  • Excessive tail chasing
  • Eating its own or others feces
  • Aggression
  • Changes in appetite
  • Excessive skin issues
  • More of shedding from its hair coat
  • Illness
  • Fatigue
    Lack of interest in the activities that they were smart at.


The active ingredients that are used in 1 chew are

  • Thiamine (vitamin B1): This is mostly found in sunflower seeds. Its helps to fight stress, support memory and digestive problems.
  • Colostrum calming complex: This is a combination of several factors that will help dog to be calm.
  • L-theanine (suntheanine): This is an amino acid that is found in green tea which will help in supporting the nerve functioning and is commonly preferred for anxiety.

The inactive ingredients that used in chill out chews are brewer’s yeast, calcium sulfate, mixed tocopherols, citric acid, canola oil, chicken liver flavor, vegetable oil, glycerin, maltodextrin, propionic acid, rosemary extract, silicon dioxide, sodium alginate, soy lecithin


Put the chill out chews in your flat side of your hand and hold it out for your pet to take it. If your pet weighs less than 25 pounds, you just have to give them a half chew. You can also add this in their food.


For those pets weighs below 25 lbs give them half chew.

Pets that weighing 26-50 lbs give them 1 chew

For those pets weighing between 51-100 lbs give them 2 chews.

More than 100 lbs give them 3 chews.

These doses should be given daily according to the weight of your pet.

HOW LONG WILL THIS PRODUCT LAST? One bottle of chillout chews will contain 60 calm mood chews which will last for 2 months if your pet weighs less than 50 lbs.

WHEN CAN CHILLOUT CHEWS BE SUPPLIED TO MY PETS? If you feel your pet is more aggressive in behavior, this can be used to support and help them to calm the mood and make their behavior better.

IS CHILLOUT CHEWS SAFE? Chillout chews are totally free of harmful fillers, chemicals and steroids.

IS IT SAFE DURING LACTATING AND PREGNANT PERIODS? Kindly take a veterinarian’s concern if you are planning to give it your pets who are pregnant or lactating.

INTERACTION OF CHILLOUT CHEWS WITH OTHER MEDICATIONS: We recommend informing or having an appointment with your veterinarian before introducing new products/ medications to your pets. However US Food and drug administration, to take a concern.


Pets should be always be provided with a diet that is low in grain and gluten. Try to give them more of raw diet of meat. Try including more of vegetables in their diet.

To give them more health, give enzymes along with meals.

To support their meal, add on probiotics.

Provide them with fish so that they can be added to omega-3 fatty acids.

While giving them water, make sure, it is purified one.

Give them a moderate exercise, this will help them to have an improved healthy status and keeps their body working properly.

GUARANTEE OF THE PRODUCT: Chillout chews comes with a 60 days promise

WHOM CAN I CONTACT FOR MORE DETAILS? The staff members at Vetionx will be happy to answer your mails and esquires related to chill out chews. You can contact them through calls- 866.977.0888 or mail them at

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