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Cheezyme – Seasoning For Cat Foods

Cheezyme is a seasoning ingredient that can be used over the cat food of any type. the processing methods usually strip the food ingredients off their nutrient value and the cats will ultimately get less nutrition. Cheezyme food supplement is one of the best ways to have this nutrition restored into the food. It has many highly valuable ingredients that are bigger banks of those additional nutrients.

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Cheezyme is especially beneficial for cats that suffer from diarrhea or loose stools. This food supplement helps make a bulk inside the stomach and have firmer stools. It also helps combat a few digestive system disorders and improve the digestion process as well.

Ingredients in Cheezyme

  • White Cheddar cheese has a controlled balance between calorie and fat content. The fats in this cheese are easily digestible. It also has calcium in it to benefit the cat’s bone health. It also has more energy unleashed than from other food ingredients.
  • Monterey Jack cheese is a low nutrient-rich cheese made from cow’s milk. It has fat, protein, amino acids and sodium. It is low in calorie.
  • Swiss cheese is highly nutrient for bones, eyes, immunity, and digestion. it has protein, fats, sodium, minerals like potassium and calcium in it. it can fulfill almost 5-10% of dietary nutrition per day. The vitamins present in this cheese are riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and niacin, in small quantities. The vitamins can help develop white blood cells to have an anti-infective effect inside the cat’s body.
  • Wysong Whole salt that has high mineral content preserved in it. The normal processing of salt will remove much of its mineral content. The final dehydration process at high temperature is the final nail on the mineral coffin. In the Wysong Whole salt, the processing is careful to have the natural minerals in the salt-preserved and is available for the nutrition in the cats. This whole salt is in combination with sea vegetation that provides extra nourishment. It also brings the chelated minerals that are present bonded with amino acid for ready absorption than the raw minerals.
  • Wysong Zymase, a blend of useful enzymes such as protease, amylase, lipase, and cellulose for proper digestion of the food ingredients. The importance of these enzymes is that the lack of it results in chronic diarrhea in cats. With these enzymes present in Cheezyme, diarrhea in felines gets a new direction and the proper digestion of food ensures relief from this problem.
  • Probiotics such as Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Lactobacillus Bifidus determine the digestion mechanism and general health in cats. Any imbalance in these bacterial colonies will primarily affect the digestive system and causes disturbances like diarrhea. Adding probiotics to the cat’s diet is one of the first steps to reduce the digestive disorders.

Feeding instructions for Cheezyme

Cheezyme is in powder form and can be sprinkled on to the cat’s food, dry or wet. It can add both flavor and nutrition to the foods. The only caution required while feeding Cheezyme is to ensure that the food is not hot or even warm while sprinkling it. The heat can make the enzymes unstable and fragile. It will also lose its natural activity and would be of no use.

Make sure to close the bottle tightly after each use. Store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and heat. Freezing it or refrigerating the bottle will help preserve the digestive enzymes added in Cheezyme and prolong its shelf life.

Diarrhea in cats and Cheezyme

The cause of diarrhea in cats can be indigestion, allergies, infection, and parasites in the intestine etc. All these reasons arise as a result of a faulty digestive system. The enzymes and probiotics in Cheezyme work to make the digestion process proper. The probiotics provides the immunity to fight the infections and infestations in cats. Since the cats are highly dependent on the digestive flora to maintain its healthy body, providing those necessary digestive bacteria can improve the overall health and state of the cats in due time.

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