When you have both it becomes mandatory for their well being. Cats are vulnerable to various kinds of pests. Preventing them from entering the home is as important as treating them.

A professional team could do a thorough job in eliminating all possibilities of pest infestation in near future. To have safe pest control routine you need to take some measures with your cats. Cats are curious creatures that can easily sneak out without even noticing. Then how are we to ensure their safety? Here are some measures.

  • Inform the exterminator: First things first, you should inform the exterminator beforehand that you have pets around. It helps them plan accordingly and decide which rooms to concentrate and where to start. It helps decide what precautions are to be taken before the process starts.
  • Safely pack the pets away: The next step is to keep the cat safely away. They are curious and can be naughty. No matter how you love them or how cute they are, you must confine them to their baskets or carrier. If you are not going for a full house treatment, keep them behind the closed doors of the room where the pest control is not to be done. It is understood that you have to take them out in case the pest control covers the entire house. Indoors is not always safe.
  • Take care of their belongings: The cat belongings also should be removed from the target room. Pack their bedding, toys, litter box and anything that belongs to the cat should be removed. No amount of the pesticides should fall on them. It is also mandatory to wash those items after the pesticide treatment. It will ensure that no residue is there on them.
  • Air the home before they reenter: Yes, open up the windows and keep them thus for a good 2-3 hours before you have your loved ones are back inside the home. They must already be open, just ensure that it stays open for a long while.

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There is pest control and there are cats. How does these two go along? Well, it does not. Cats must be safely taken away from where the pest control is underway. Regular pest control of the home is a must for all households that have pets or children.

Other natural pest control methods

Cats are sensitive animals; natural methods are more suitable for them than chemical treatment. Since they have the tendency to lick them all over, it is not suitable to use anything on their body. But the essential oil and other methods could be used on home surfaces to get rid of the pests.

  • Lavender oil and cedar oil could keep the flies away. Just a few drops around the troubling area should do the trick.
  • Citronella oil dropped in the candles can repel mosquitoes.
  • Apple cider vinegar is the best remedy against flea. Alternately, mix some soap in warm water in a small container and keep it under the night light. The fleas will be attracted to the light and get trapped in the water. To make it easier for them keep a shallow dish.
  • Cats themselves are natural pest control that can eliminate the rats and rodents.