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Cat FoodWysong Corporation is an established company that manufactures many pet foods including that for cats. The cat health products are not just the food but some food supplements and grooming accessories as well.

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The cat foods itself are of many kind. From the raw cat food to the food supplements Wysong ensures that the felines are well fed and have the nourishment to help them be healthy. Wysong cat health products are more than just food, they are exactly what the modern day pet cats need to lead a healthy and trouble free life. Some of these cat foods can be used as a whole meal while others are used as supplementary in combination with other food.

Cats Health Products Types

True Non-Thermal Processed Raw Cat food

True Non-Thermal Processed Raw Cat food is a unique product range from Wysong. It involves the cat food that has the real raw meat that the cats would love to have. The raw meat is processed carefully under non-thermal circumstances. The non-thermal conditions do not exceed the temperature limit of 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • There are varieties under this category like Archetype made of raw meat of chicken, quail, rabbit, or Pollock. They have the meat for protein and other herbs, amino acids, fruits and vegetables added in it to improve the overall nutrient capacity. It can be used as a while meal.
  • Dream treats are the feline treats that are starch free. It comes in flavors of chicken, rabbit, or quail. Each variety has the real meat from the selected living creature. These are carry along treats that are most useful on vacations or trips where the cats can have a treat and nourishment at a single go.
  • Uncanny is a supplementary product in a can that can be added to the Archetype to make it a whole meal. A little water is also added into the mix to have a consistency.
  • Archetype burgers are nutritious patties that have the same components as in the Archetype. The only difference here is the use of beef as the main meat source.

Natural Dry Cat food

The dry cat food is just like the Archetype foods but here the food is completely dry and looks crunchy. Here also the meat is non-thermal processed and has all the nutrients preserved in it. there are many variety of products that are made purposefully. They are made with protein sources that may differ in each type. the other ingredients are almost the same for the vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, amino acids, fruits, vegetables etc.

  • Fundamentals are high protein dry cat food with minimal ingredients.
  • Nurture is a kitten feed for their growing period. It has higher meat and fat levels to have an optimized nutrient balance.
  • Nurture with Quail is an adult cat food that has a generous portion of quail shreds. The meat is safely processed and the food does have the natural flavor of it.
  • Vitality is used to have more energy produced in the feline body. It is meant for elderly cats that are weak and those cats that suffers low energy due to diseases or infections and are recovering.
  • Uretic is meant for those cats that have some kind of urinary diseases and are recovering. The ingredients help boost the immune system and curb the disease and provide better health for the poor suffering kitties.
  • Anergen is hypoallergenic cat food that has the common allergens removed. It is safe for those sensitive felines that have to face the allergic reactions from the additives, preservatives, dairy products, and certain protein etc.
  • Anergen 2 is same as Anergen and the difference is in the addition of rabbit meat in the former while it is lamb used in Anergen.
  • Geriatrx is meant for the elderly cats. The formulation is done so that the delicate state of the senior cats is well taken care of. It has more antioxidants and immune boosting ingredients in addition to the proteins.
  • Vegan is made with no meat but with only plant resources. The molasses added in it provides the flavor of meat to cheat the cats. It is used as a supplementary to normal cat diet with less meat of course. Mainly used as part of an elimination regime.
  • Cat treats are made with meat and other nutritious usually used with other main course foods. It makes a convenient replacement to the traditional cat treats.

Canned cat food

The canned cat food is of only one type, Epigen that is a starch free formulation. It has all the raw meat and nutrients added in it. Only it is in more liquid or watery form than the others. It is packed safely in a can. It comes in many flavors of beef, chicken, rabbit, salmon, and turkey. It makes a good and tasty food rotation for the felines. These cans contain 95% of meat and are completely healthy for the cats.

Cat supplements

The cat supplements are meant as additional nutrient supply for the under nourished cats. These supplements are mostly sprinkled over the cat’s daily food. Here also the ingredients are mostly meat and related components along with the targeted nutrient obtained from the nature. There are supplements for improving the processed and non-processed food quality, dental care, probiotics, pH balancing supplements, fatty acid providing products, mother’s milk for the kittens, to improve the undernourished kitties, immune and digestion boosting supplements etc. These supplements serve different purpose but the ultimate aim is to make the cats healthy and fit at any stage of their lives.

Cat Grooming

The grooming products include the natural insect repellent soap, cats deodorant, cleansers that can also moisturize the cat skin and coat, ear cleaning solution, skin care lotion for relief from irritations, and an electronic insect repellent.

Wysong Corporation thus makes a single site to have most of the products to keep the kitties healthy inside out. Both nourishment and grooming are important to have a healthier life for the cats that can be attained by careful feeding and taking care of the kitties. Make a small step towards your loved ones to have a better life that they deserve to have.

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