Category: Oral Care

Perio Plus Bites For Cats

It is important to have the gum tissue integrity and these Perio plus chews can do just that. When the cats chew on these Perio plus bites, they scrub their teeth and naturally cleanse the teeth surface and get rid of plaque....

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John Paul Tooth & Gum Wipes

Since the food has to pass though the mouth and if that is unhealthy it will do no good even if we feed any amount of nutritious food to them. The first thing we will be rewarded with would be a stinky mouth. It is not pleasant...

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Oratene Breath Freshener Mist

Benefits of Oratene breath freshener The Oratene breath freshener is made with bio-active enzymes that can remove the plaque from the teeth. This breath freshener is soothing to the teeth and can protect the teeth against the...

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