Tuna is not a recommended food for cats. There are many reasons why you should not, that ranges form the contents of tuna to the effects of it’s inside the feline body. Though cats love the seafood, it is not recommended to give them in high quantity. A little tuna for tasting once I a while is ok, but giving them in large amounts are not suggested. Half a teaspoon served once a week if fine, but do not give them more than that.

Now it comes to the canned tuna. It is not different from the cooked one. The only difference is that one can give the tuna water for the cats to satisfy their taste buds. The tuna water does not contain an much of the harmful content as in tuna. But they might have those preservatives that the cats may not stand well up to.

The facts about tuna and canned tuna affecting cats

  • High mercury: Tuna contains high amount of mercury that is poisonous to the cats. Cats cannot process mercury and could pose major health issues. Mercury can affect the nervous system and damage its activity. Feeding too much canned tuna to the cats is sure to lead to this situation causing loss of equilibrium, seizures etc.
  • Allergic: Most of the cats are allergic to fishes and tuna is one of them.
  • Unsaturated fats: Tuna contains too much of unsaturated fats that the cats cannot digest. They accumulate causing problems to the feline body.
  • Causes inflammation of fatty tissue: Eating too much of canned tuna could cause to the deficiencies of vitamin E, calcium, sodium, and copper. The lack of these nutrients from the body leads to inflammation, especially of the fatty tissue. This is highly painful situation for the cat is called yellow fat disease or steatitis.
  • Canned tuna would have other ingredients: The canned tuna contains an enzyme that destroys the thiamine in the cat’s body. Thiamine is essential for the neurological equilibrium and the deficiency causes seizures.
  • Not nutritionally complete: Tuna is just a tasty dish for the cats. It is not nutritionally complete and lacks many of the essential nutrients.

How can I feed tuna to my cat?

Serving a little amount of tuna once a while is ok for the cats. Serve it along with other preferred food of the cats. This allows you to reduce the amount and also provide the desired taste for the felines.

Mix a little amount of canned tuna in the dry food of the cat. The commercial cat food will have those essential nutrients required by the cat to grow. The lack of nutrients in the tuna does not bother this way.

There also are some commercial tuna meant for cats. You can avail them and use it instead of the normal tuna that are meant for humans. Just remember to get those high quality tuna for the cats that have enough nutrients like the amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc added.