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Cancer is an ailment that needs to be addressed in a proper way and this can be done with the help of expert veterinarians. They would recommend various treatments that are available. Some types of cancer can be completely cured but some cannot be and some can be contained to a certain extent by using conventional treatments. Natural remedies can also be used to help the cat to get relief from pain and support the immune system to fight against the disease. has developed a stunning product which has proved to be useful to help cats suffering from cancer and its bad effects. This unique product called as cancer support kit is a combination of two remedies and they are Life gold and NuPet Feline granular greens. These two products help to preserve the integrity of the immune framework as well make your cat comfortable and free from pain.

Cats Cancer Support Kit – Life Gold, Nu Pet Granular Greens

Cancer is a deadly disease and it should be treated at the right time without fail. Cancer is not only found in humans but also in other living beings and is caused due to different factors. Pollution and diet changes are one of the major factors that have contributed to the rise of this disease. In this section, we will discuss about cancer in cats and how to handle it by giving the best possible care using cancer support kits for cats.

More about Life Gold for cats

Life gold cancer support for cats is a proprietary formula designed for cats when their quality of life gets impaired due to ailments like cancer or other deadly diseases. In such cases, the body would require more immunity power and antioxidant support to cope with the growing requirements. A suppressed immune system is more prone to problems than a strong one and it increases the risk of having high oxidative damage to the whole body. When such conditions occur, the cat may start showing signs of drastic weight loss, lack of hunger, tiredness and abnormal growths. Sometimes many other symptoms of vomiting, inflammation, and swelling may also occur. Such symptoms should not be ignored and you should talk to the vet as soon as possible to come with favorable outcomes to help your pet cat.

Life gold for cats is a product which you can use when your cat suffers from such problems so that it can get an extra boost to support the immune framework and improve the quality of life. This product has been developed after doing an intensive research using both traditional methods and scientific technologies. All natural herbs are used and extracted in such a way that their full potential is harvested without any wastage. This product makes sure that the body is kept clean and detoxification is done to keep the vital organs healthy and functioning. It helps the liver, bowels, respiratory organs, and skin to do its duty to expel all the unwanted particles out of the body. Many rare herbs are used in this formulation that helps to support the lymphatic system which is a major component of the immune framework inside the body. Using this product will help to maintain a long-term vitality for your cat.

Ingredients used in Life God which is a part of cancer support kit for cats

  • Chaga (Inonotus obliquus):  Considered a sort of mushroom that grows predominantly on birch trees, is basically a fungus known for its characteristically happening cancer prevention agent content. It constitutes polysaccharides that are utilized for keeping up a solid immune framework.
  • Blessed Thistle herb (Cnicus benedictus): A long-used time-honored plant, this therapeutic herb has been used for its detoxifying and antiseptic properties, and furthermore for its antioxidant components and cell regeneration.
  • Burdock root (Arctium lappa): Burdock has been utilized for providing assistance to the liver (bile secretions), to promote a well-balanced appetite, and for the maintenance of healthy cells in the existence of chemicals.
  • Red Clover flowering herb: The flowers of this herb is called as “alterative” as it helps to purify the blood and make it free form toxins. This herb contains vitamins and minerals in adequate amounts that can easily provide nutritive values to the immune system. It is also used as an appetite stimulant since ages around the world.
  • Sheep Sorrel herb: This herb has high amounts of vitamin C and minerals which are very useful for maintaining a healthy lymphatic system. It helps to ease of digestive tissues and acts as an excellent detoxifier.
  • Slippery Elm: Slippery elm has high mucilage content and has a slightly sweet taste. This herb has been used by the North Americans to cure digestive disorders and solve assimilation related problems. It also contains large amounts of antioxidants which help to cleanse the body from free radicals.
  • Turkey Rhubarb root: An effective remedy to cure bowel problems and normalizes digestion process. This herb is mostly confused with the garden variety but this is entirely different and is known as Chinese rhubarb. It helps the cleansing process and allows excretion of accumulated toxins out of the body normally through bowel movements.

Nu-Pet Feline Granular Greens the main component of cancer support kit for cats

This product when coupled along with Life gold becomes a games changer as it works well to curb the symptoms and provide a better life. Nu-Pet Feline Granular greens contain a combination of grasses, antioxidants and essential vitamins in the right portions which helps to protect the body against cellular degeneration that is caused by free radicals. It also gives a regular supply of essential supplements to the body as it needs them the most when in such situations. Nu-Pet Feline Granular Greens will help to reduce to risk of cancer spreading to other healthy tissues and keeps your cat comfortable with less pain.

The dosage of Life Gold: Use this product twice orally on a daily basis. For every 1 kg of body weight up to 50 lbs give one drop and add one more drop over 50 lbs that is for every additional 4 lbs. Shake this product well before use and to attract your kitty to have this natural remedy it has been given a natural flavor of bacon.

Dosage of Nu-Pet Feline Granular Greens

For cats that are 12 weeks and above, one scoop (2.7 gms) per day should be given to maintaining a healthy immune system framework, while aged or senior cats should be given 2 scoops per day for four weeks and then reduce it to one scoop a day. Store in a place which has less moisture (preferably dry or cool) and no refrigeration will be required for Cancer Support Kit. Seal the cap tightly after use.

Precautions that are to be followed while using Cancer Support Kit

If the condition of the animal does not improve with time or if the illness worsens, then the product should not be continued and a vet expert solution would be the best choice to go with. It is also suggested to have a thorough examination from the veterinarian well before using this product.

If your cat is pregnant or nursing then does not use this Cat Cancer Kit as it may affect the young one. Cancer support kit is intended only for cats and not for other pet animals. Keep this cancer support kit for cats out of reach of kids and animals. This product is not advised to be used along with blood thinners.

These products can be used to provide an extra boost for the conventional treatment your pet is undergoing and should not be given as the only remedy so a vet care is a must. If you find certain symptoms like vomiting or weakness while using cancer support kit then stop using it.

Conclusion: Cancer is an ailment that affects not only human beings but also other animals and it’s said that about 50% of feline deaths occur due to cancer. Older cats are more prone to this ailment and it starts as a lump in any part of the body. This lump then later spreads across the whole body becoming a dangerous tumor. This deadly ailment can be prevented if diagnosed and treated at an early stage. Cat Cancer support kit from Petwellbeing helps to provide support to the immune system and improve the health of the cats suffering from cancer. Cat Cancer support kit helps the cats to lead a normal life without having drastic pain and severe symptoms that usually occur while suffering from cancer. Provide your cat with this wonder medicine to have a life free from pain and discomforts.