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Capstar For Cats Flea Attacks & Flea Infestations

Capstar for Cats

An oral product for treating and preventing flea attacks and flea infestations is known as Capstar. Being an oral product there are no odor produced and the application of it is very easy. It is a safe product that even provides a protection. One tablet of Capstar will work its effect within 30 minutes.

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The Capstar contains an ingredient called Nitenpyram which is effective for treating flea infestations. This product works in a way that this ingredient interacts and starts taking affect within 30 minutes of its administration. It is powerful enough to kill adult fleas too.

Capstar – Dosage and Administration

Administration – There are two ways the Capstar can be provided to the cat. It can be put directly into the mouth of the cat or mixed along with the feed given to them. The second method is more effective as it might be difficult to put the tablets directly into the mouth of the cat. You have to make sure that your cat swallows the food or treat given to them. If you are doubtful whether your cat has eaten the tablet or not, you can give him a second tablet. There is no harm in that.

Dosage – The dosage level of the Capstar varies depending on the size of the cat. It should be given to cats who weigh more than 2 pounds only. The dosage levels are mentioned as below:

  • For cats that have a weight more than 2 lbs and less than 25 lbs should be given one tablet of the Capstar. The Nitenpyram per tablet would be 11.4 mg which is available in the blue carton.
  • For cats that have a weight more than 25.1 lbs and less than 125 lbs should be given one tablet of the Capstar. The Nitenpyram per tablet would be 57.0 mg which is available in a green carton.

Capstar – Adverse Reactions

There are no adverse reactions reported against Capstar and it is safe to give to cats and kittens. Kittens that are of 4 weeks or older or weighing 2 pounds or more can be provided the Capstar. There is no harm to that. Make sure you do not give it to kittens younger than 4 weeks or weighing less than 2 pounds. Its safety is not determined.

The Capstar is only for use in animals and should not be used in humans. It should be kept out of the reach of children.

Combination of Capstar and Program for Cats

The working of Capstar and Program together has produced great results. Apart from killing the adult fleas attacked on the cat, the addition of the Program medication can inhibit the growth of these insects. The dosage levels and administration of the both these medications combined are mentioned in the product label and this should be followed exactly to get the best results. Weight your cat before the dosage levels is prescribed. Just as mentioned above, the dosage levels differs for cats of different sizes. The directions of use of Capstar and Program are given as follows:

Prevention and Control

  • The Program flavor tabs should be given once a month for the prevention of flea attacks.
  • The ingredient lufenuron works the action of controlling the flea infestations and killing the flea eggs and adult fleas.

Kill Adult Fleas

  • After doing prevention and control, still the flea attacks take place then you have to give the Capstar. This medication will kill the flea’s right from its root.
  • For normal conditions, the Capstar should be administered once a week.
  • For severe conditions, the Capstar should be administered twice a week.
  • Even after all these administration there are still some fleas found you can administer when required to kill these occasional fleas.

It is best to give this treatment to all the pets in the household. Even if one pet is not treated there are chances of this flea infections and infestation spreading and the fleas reproducing on the other untreated pets.

Adverse Reactions – The combination of Capstar and Program has produced certain adverse reactions like:

  • Stomach upsets like vomiting and diarrhea are a common side effect.
  • Some cats have mental troubles like depression and lethargy.
  • Loss of appetite or extreme cases like Anorexia is also found.
  • There are cats that tend to get hyperactive soon after the consumption of the medication.
  • Some cats face Dyspnea that is labored breathing.
  • Itchiness is common and it might lead to Pruritus too.
  • There are chances of skin eruptions to take place like rashes.

The Capstar is available in two more variations:

  • Capstar 6 tablets
  • Capstar 60 tablets
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