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Cancer In Felines – Everything You Need To Know About It

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Cancer is not a commonly found disease in cats unlike their canine friends but a good number of cats suffer from this ailment as they get older. Most of the feline cancers go unnoticed until advanced stages and due to this it has turned out to be more difficult to treat the whole issue.

Is Cat Cancer Support safe to use in pregnancy or with blood thinners? What are the negative side effects associated with this formula? Does it deals with any weakness and vomiting issues? Know more for better understanding…

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Cancer is becoming rampant in both humans and pets alike due to overuse of chemicals, lifestyles and many unknown factors. Cancer at a snail’s pace invades the quality of life without letting or giving the victim a chance to recover. Time plays a decisive role as far as this disease is concerned the sooner you diagnose this problem the better treatment options are available but delaying can lead to complication and pave way to death.

What Are The Types Of Cancer That Is Found In Cats?

Lymphoma: This type of cancer affects the digestive system leading to vomiting and diarrhea and is commonly linked with feline leukemia virus. Lymphoma is the most commonly found cancer in cats and around 25% of all the cases reported belong to this category.

Tumors: Tumors are common in cats which might affect their skin, liver, abdomen, muscles, and brain. Tumors can often be seen as a lump on their body and it takes time to develop. Out of all these skin tumors are commonly seen and light skinned breeds are prone to this problem. Another type of tumor that can affect female cats is mammary tumors but since most of the cats are spayed this problem has become less prevalent.

Does Your Feline Suffer From Cancer? Are there any visible symptoms that might provide some clues to the ongoing problem?

My kitty doesn’t even let me know if it has some health issue unless otherwise I poke my nose into its state of affairs. You know most of the cats know very well how to trick the owners and hide their health problems. I guess they don’t want to get to the vets clinic just like we hate going to the dentist. Whatsoever is the reason it is very necessary to understand their health issues especially something like cancer.

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself regarding your feline

  • Does my cat have any lumps that are changing its shape and size?
  • Is my cat having normal bowel movements or drastic changes in the bowel habits?
  • Does my cat eat well or is there any appetite problem lately?
  • Any urinary infections or bladder issues?
  • Has she lost weight all of a sudden and not gaining anymore?
  • Having a lot of respiratory issues since few months that aren’t going away?
  • Does she smell bad or bad breath?
  • Does my buddy have problem while eating or swallowing food?
  • Has there been a sore that took more than the usual time to heal?
  • Is her body stiff and experiencing any kind of pain?
  • Has she bled or had any sort of discharges from the body without a reason?

What Are The Methods That Can Be Utilized To Diagnose Feline Cancers?

Once a doubt arises that the cat is suffering from the cancer then the next step is to diagnose the condition and type of cancer. If the type of cancer is found out then the treatment methods can be devised accordingly.
Veterinary clinic is the best place to take your feline instead trying home remedies and banging your head with totally zero results. So initially the vet will go for a physical examination which is more than enough to find out possible tumors by manual palpation. If the tumor is present deep inside the body then X-RAYS, MRI and ultrasounds will be ordered. Both these techniques will help to understand the size and structure of the tumor present inside the body.

Cytology is also done to rule out possibilities of abscesses, cysts or granulomas that can be misinterpreted as cancer or tumor. Also a series of blood tests and nuclear scans will be done to rule out other possible infections like feline leukemia virus and other internal organ problems.

Can A Diagnosis Predict Accurately What Type Of Cancer The Cat Has Contracted?

Well unfortunately diagnosis cannot predict with certainty that the cat has contracted with a particular type of cancer in majority of the cases. The vet may conduct staging and biopsy tests but they can hardly reveal any truth as most of the cancer treatments and diagnosing procedures are in their infancy. Even blood tests cannot give an accurate result about the type of cancer or any possibility of such an ailment in a given cat. Due to all these reasons treatments get delayed and sometimes there are chances that the tumor might be a non-cancerous one too.

What Causes Cancer? Are There Any Culprits To Be Blamed?

Cancer is a deadly disease and the cause is indefinite in both humans and pets. Had we known the cause of this ailment, am sure mankind would have come up with a variety of solutions to overcome this problem. The only known cause of cancer in cats is the feline leukemia virus and rest is still a mystery that needs to be unfolded. Another trend that is commonly being seen is that most of the aged cats are acquiring this disease than younger ones.
I have read in many articles and magazines that toxins and chemicals can cause cancer in living organisms. I posed this question to the vet doctor recently when I met him but he says there isn’t any confident research and results that can answer this query. There are chances that environmental pollution and chemicals can trigger such ailments or be the root cause but there are no valid proofs.

I Have A White Kitty And Will She Acquire Cancer?

There is nothing to worry about and not all cats suffer from cancer but it is true that these varieties are more prone to Squamous cell carcinoma. This is uncommon and not all white cats get to suffer this problem. Moreover cancer is not a breed specific ailment and it can invade any kind of breed.

So What Are The Treatments Available For Feline Cancer? And Will It Save My Cats Life?

Treatments are not possible always and in majority of the cases the ailment is detected in an advanced stage. Yet there are different treatments methods employed to control and cure this disease. Chemotherapy, radiation therapies are the commonly used methods to control spreading of the tumor to the internal organs. Surgery is also employed when the tumors is seen as a lump that can be removed easily. If the problem is diagnosed at an early stage it can treated and the cat’s life can be prolonged under the vet’s guidance. But if the whole problem has reached a complicated point then it difficult to save the cat. That is the reason why early detection and treatment is very important.

How Much Will A Cat Cancer Treatment Cost?

Costs can vary depending on the place where you reside and the specialist you have approached for the treatment. On an average it will cost somewhere in between $500 to $5000 depending on the tests being done.

BIG Dog Cancer And Small Cat Cancer

Now that’s something which I always have in my mind. I mean why people always ring the bells loud when a canine contracts a disease and talk is whispers when it is with the cats. Yeah I know half of the people around the world prefer dogs over cats and there has been grave partiality in the medical advancements too. Many treatment methods and drugs have been devised for dogs and for cats there hasn’t been much done yet. People donate a lot for dog causes and ignore cats I guess I need to talk to Uncle Sam about this issue.

Prevention Of Cancer In Felines

In olden days cats were considered mere domestic animals and not proud pets. Now cats lead a lifestyle equal to humans and they have adapted a luxurious life style. They don’t really like to play the role of tom and catch jerry instead feed on canned food and lie down like a couch potato.

Lifestyles are changing and they have even started living in tower scraping apartments that they hardly get any route to land their feet in the soil. Humans have not only spoiled their kind but they are hell bent to spoil pets too.

Here are a few ways which will help to prevent cancer in felines

  • Reduce interaction with FeLV infected cats and try to keep your kitty indoors as much as possible. Stray cats and diseased cats can easily spread infections by challenging for fights and bullying indoor cats. As long as they stay indoors they will remain protected from infections.
  • Also provide vaccines on time and in a proper way. It is said that vaccines can also cause tumors if not injected in the right manner. It is always better to take vaccines in the rear legs than in the neck or back. I sometimes think they are animals after all and why are we so obsessed in making them like us. Nature knows well than what we know.
  • Get your toms neutered and females spayed as that can lower the risk of developing cancer. It can also prevent infections like FeLV, FIV and lessen the risk of developing ovarian and mammary tumors.
  • Keep your kitty indoors in the broad daylight so that it can stay away from the harmful radiations emitted by the sun. If you are out on a picnic and adamant to take your kitty out then apply some sun block cream especially made for kitties. By doing so you can prevent skin problems and decrease the risks of skin cancers.
  • Limit the use of chemicals and toxins indoors so that the risk of cancer from such issues can be averted. Even though there are no valid proofs to support this theory it is always better to stay on the safer side.
  • Don’t make your cats lazy and spoon feed them. Give them some work to do and run around, also feed them with nutritious food stuffs than giving canned and processed foods.

Are There Any Home Remedies That I Can Rely On To Treat Feline Cancer?

Well in general I personally like the idea of treating any ailment in a natural and holistic way rather than depending on drugs and medications. Alternate therapies and home remedies are quite safe and do not hit hard on the pockets unlike conventional treatment methods.

But.. But as far as cancer and tumors are concerned I am scared to say that I don’t really have any idea of curing this ailment using natural therapies. There are a number of pages in the internet that claim to treat cancer and cure it completely. Also there are many remedies listed out there but the basic logic is without diagnosing the actual cause and type of cancer how on earth we can determine a treatment process.

Detecting cancer is on one side and diagnosing the whole issue is another headache. By the time we deduce and conclude the outcome the cat would have suffered a lot and meanwhile experimenting on it with natural remedies and stuffs is not done. Unless otherwise you are sure enough never approach an alternative treatment method. If you really want to help your cat you can do one thing and that is to support the cat by providing additional nutrients and supplements.

A Few Supplements That Can Be Given For A Cat Suffering From Cancer To Boost Its Immune System

Life Gold – Cat Cancer Support

This product aims to support the cat by boosting its immune system and helps to flush out toxins from the body. It helps the internal organs in the detoxification process and reduces oxidative stress. It removes all free radicals inhabiting the body and promotes the overall wellbeing of the cat. It contains antioxidants that help to fight against cancer and this is one of the best supplements that you can feed your cat suffering from cancer. It will assist and lend a hand in the whole treatment process by boosting up the felines immune system.

Nu-Pet Feline Granular with Antioxidants

Cancer is a serious issue as it eats off all the health from the victim leaving it weak and thin. In such cases it is always necessary to provide extra supplements and food stuffs to keep the cat healthy and respond better to the treatments being offered. Nu-Pet feline granular is an excellent supplement that contains essential vitamins and antioxidants required for a cat’s immune system. This product has a great taste and is low in calories so goes very well with diabetic cats. Also if your cat isn’t eating food properly then this supplement is the best thing you can offer to your cat as it contains all the essential elements found in a balanced diet.

Few Tips To Manage Cats With Cancer

  • Keep them happy and stress free
  • Spend more time with them and watch for behavioral changes
  • Do not give painkillers unless prescribed
  • Provide plenty of water to keep them hydrated
  • Keep them indoors and safe so that they don’t contract other infections
  • Take to the vet periodically and do not lose hope
  • Provide them a balanced diet and additional supplements to support the treatment
  • Maintain clean surroundings

Conclusion: Cancer is a term that has become so common and one of the prominent diseases in the medical world. People are working hard to find a cure to this deadly ailment so that pets and humans can be saved alike. Feline cancers were thought to be rare unlike dogs but with recent reports more and more cats are prone this disease.

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