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Can cats affect your health? Research shows how cats can benefit your health in 8 different ways – A must read for every feline owner

We, as feline lovers, share an undiminishable relation with our cats. Be it their smile, mischief or love (though they are rare to express love for us), it is one of those moments which makes us special and eases away any pain or frustration. Cats are quite mysterious and reserved characters and take their own time to trust people. You can’t rush them unlike dogs that are friendly in nature.

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However, many people do not like cats and we often try to reason with them about the benefits of owning a cat. But how much do you know that your cat in fact are helping you grow in a lot of ways? Yes, believe it or not, cats are actually beneficial for the health of their owners. Keep on reading to know how.

  • A Healthy Heart: Basically owning any pet can reduce stress and anxiety from your lives but cats, in particular seems to top the list in fighting stress and anxiety. In fact a study conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute in Minneapolis followed 4000 Americans over a period of 10 years to determine that cat owners are 30% less likely to die of stroke or cardiac arrest than others.
  • Lesser Chance Of Child Allergies: As per a study published by the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, children who are exposed to cats at an early age (i.e. before one year of age) are less likely to develop any allergies later on in life than those who have grown up in cleaner environments. So let your babies hang out with your cats.
  • Coping With Loss: A study conducted in UK shows that people who were suffering from the loss of a loved one had less symptoms of grief if they owned a pet. Having a pet can in fact provide an emotional support and comfort simply by offering their presence. We know very well cats do all kinds of frivolous stuff which makes us laugh and feel bit lighter.
  • Purring Can Actually Heal Your Body: I know this might sound a bit weird but have you heard about Vibration Therapy? Yes, they are used to strengthen the bones and muscles that have been exposed to injury or growing age failures. A cat’s purring work similarly like vibration therapy by triggering a series of vibrations around 20-140 Hz which is the ideal range for strengthening your bones and muscles.
  • Cuts Down Your Blood Pressure Levels: We all know high blood pressure is often a result of stress build up and spiking anxiety levels. This might put in all the wrong directions. Owning a cat can keep you healthy. How? Simply by staying with them, playing or loving them can alleviate the blood pressure levels and put you in a light mood that can also promote a healthy heart as well.
  • Increases Your Social Life: In a journal named Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it was found that having a cat can raise the level of oxytocin production in the brain. Not only does this hormone lower down the stress level, but it also helps people suffering from mild autism to feel more in peace and helps them to socialize more easily.
  • No More Seizures: While the studies are still unstable about cats detecting seizures, it is said that cats will alert you about oncoming seizures. Note not all cats can alert seizures, but with the researches growing everyday, it seems cats do tend to notify their owners that something is bound to happen.
  • No More Frequent Visits To Doctor: Even though specific health conditions are not talked about, research has it that cat lovers are 12% less likely to tour their doctor’s clinic every year. Basically this means that they are a much healthier and happier person than others.

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