Anxiety and stress are very common nowadays whether it’s for humans or for animals. Nobody is spared from this silent killer disease but we humans tend to adopt many methods to cope up with such problems. In the case of our pets especially cats they just don’t have any option rather than suffer from such issues and most of the owners don’t notice these problems.

Calming Care For Cats has brought an excellent product called as Calming care for cats, which will help our feline friends to overcome anxiety and stress related issues. Keep reading below to know more about calming care for cats.

Calming care for Cat Anxiety and Stress

Before discussing about calming care for cats I would like to give a brief on how cats get such issues like anxiety and stress. Stress is mostly accompanied with anxiety and these two aspects are actually present in an organism as a defense mechanism. When any living being faces a problematic situation, adrenalin rush occurs which causes ‘fight or flight’ mode state, in order to escape from a dangerous situation. This hormone when secreted in excess or in unwanted situations causes stress and anxiety. Cats are no exception to such cases and they also suffer from such problems so it is very important to help your kitty overcome such problems by providing ample support.

Calming care for cats is a natural supplement which contains only herbal ingredients and is designed specially to cater and assist the needs of the cats when mood swings occur. It brings the cat back to its balanced state by calming its body. Calming care for cats does not produce any sedative effect or make your cat feel sleepy or drowsy. It helps to feel better and ease of symptoms related to stress and anxiety issues. This product shows better results when used daily and can be used on a long term basis.

Expert veterinarians have holistically indulged in intensive research and formulated an eight herbal ingredient formula together known as calming care for cats. This product creates a positive impact on the nervous structure, stress hormones and neurotransmitters of the brain thereby paving way to lead a normal life.

The herbs used in calming care for cats are classified into three types and they are

  • Nerve restoratives which help to invigorate nerve cells which have undergone degeneration due to stress and lack of nutrients which are very much required by the nervous system.
  • Nerve tonics which help to refurbish fibers and sheaths that act as protective layer to the nerves.
  • Adaptogen which helps the body to muddle through stress and amplify immunity power.

Ingredients used in calming care for Cat Anxiety and Stress

  • Ashwagandha root: This exotic herb is common to India and Africa, Ashwagandha has powerful properties that support the nervous system. It prevents irritability and exhaustion in the nervous system. It also supports the adrenal glands as being a powerful adaptogen. It is also an excellent tonic to the nervous stem which helps to improve concentration power and cognitive abilities. This herb provides relaxation to your cat without causing any sedative effect.
  • Wild Oat seed: One of the most powerful nerve restoratives available in this planet is added to calming care for cats. It helps to enrich the nerve cells and helps the brain to cope up with stressful situations.
  • Holy Basil leaf: This herb is popularly known as Tulsi in Ayurvedic medicine and is very well known for its healing properties. Recent studies have proved that it brings positive results in reducing stress and excess hormones in animals. Tulsi leaf is used as a cure for many other ailments like common cold, digestion problems and heart diseases.
  • Eleuthero root: Eluethero roots helps to maintain good mental health and improve hormonal stress response mechanisms. This herb is also called as Siberian ginseng as it is grown extensively in parts of Asia and eastern parts of Russia. Calming care for cats has included this herb to improve the body’s physical response to stress ad cope up with drastic changes occurring around.
  • Rhodiola root: This herb helps to normalize the activities of dopamine and serotonin which are the neurotransmitters acting inside the brain when a stress situation is faced. It also helps the adrenal glands to show better response during stressful situations. The main constituent of Rhodiola is Rosavins which is the most active part of this herb which helps to produce better results while dealing with stress and its hormones.
  • Bacopa herb: This herb helps the body to face situations while undergoing acute and chronic stress situations by improving the neurotransmitter levels. Bacopa herb is also called as bhrami and it is best known for its positive impact on the brain and enhancing mental capabilities. It also helps in rejuvenating the whole body.
  • Skullcap herb: Skullcap herb helps to relax and is long known for its ability to control anxiety and tension. It also induces healthy sleeping patterns for those who are deprived of sleep due to stress.
  • St. John’s Wort flowering herb: this herb has been under research for many years and scientists have proved that it helps to decrease stress- related behavior and mental imbalance situations. It helps the nervous system to relax and also helps in repairing nerve cells that has undergone degeneration. It is also known as herbal mood stabilizer.

These are the ingredients which are used to formulate calming care for cats and certain other inactive ingredients are also added to enhance the results and they are Deionized water, bacon flavor and vegetable glycerin.

Uses of calming care for Cat Anxiety and Stress

Cats do experience mood swings when they get stressed out or become hyperactive. Mostly the reason will be unknown as to why the cat is behaving so indifferent. They get anxious and aggressive at once as it is very difficult to predict the changes in their behavior. Calming care for cats helps to tackle such situations even if the root cause is unknown. It helps the cat to feel calm and self assured.

Calming care for cats along with a healthy diet will go a long way and prove to produce better results as far as your cat’s health is considered. While on this medication, physical activity and social interaction is a must as it can benefit them to have a relaxed environment. By following these aspects, you can assist your cat to handle stress and mood swings and generate a sense of wellbeing. Calming care does not accompany any side effects as it makes use of only herbal ingredients.

After using calming care you can expect better results within a few weeks time but sometimes you might get faster results depending on your pet’s body and its response to the medicine. The herbs in this formulation will take time to show its impact on the body as it has to deal with neurotransmitters of the brain and control its activity. It also helps to control production of stress hormones and induces nerve cell integrity. Those medicines which show results in a faster pace usually contain sedatives or tranquilizers but calming care is an exceptional product which does not contain any harmful substances. It will take time to show effect but will surely produce better results with the passage of time. Overall, this product helps your cat to generate good moods and have sound sleep patterns.

Those who are confused with your cats behavioral patterns need not worry as calming care can be the best solution you can ever get to make your cat feel better and relaxed. It will surely help your cat to lead a normal life free of aggression and stress.

Cats are largely influenced by their surroundings, history, breeding and health conditions. Certain behaviors or aggression patterns cannot be understood or treated in a normal way. Calming care helps your pet to act and react in a stable way during stressful situations. This product helps to maintain the nervous system intact along with optimizing health conditions in a positive way.

It is also better to take multivitamins while your pet is taking medications as most of the medicines will leave your cats body low with vitamins and minerals. So consult a veterinarian for all precautions that are to be taken and dosage of vitamins that are to be included.

Low levels of nutrients can cause nervous damage and affect other body parts severely. So while treating your pet with any kind of medications, make sure you consider all these factors.

Always make sure that your cat gets enough physical activity, proper diet and nutrition.

Calming care and its usage along with other medications

Calming care may not go well with certain medications like blood thinners and sugar lowering drugs. The herbs that are present inside this product may also contribute to decrease sugar levels so make sure to consult a vet before using this. Also don’t use along with prescription medicines used to treat depression and blood pressure. This drug may also interfere with metabolism of certain medications like indiavir, cyclosporine,digoxin, theophylline and fexofenadine.

Highlights of calming care for Cat Anxiety and Stress

  • Comes with a 90 day cash back assurance!! This is really an awesome offer as there is nothing to lose as far as customers are considered.
  • All the herbs used in this product are ethically wild harvested and grown organically with full standards. Those herbs which are not available within the reach are selectively imported from different parts of the world.
  • While herbs are extracted its full biochemical spectrum is preserved in order to maintain its effectiveness and all raw materials are used after careful quality testing procedures.
  • Every solo consignment of this product is tested for potency levels and standards by expert vets.
  • Calming care is manufactured under a nationally recognized GMP facility in the United States after ensuring highest standards.

Dosage of Calming Care for Cat Anxiety and Stress: this product should be taken orally twice a day. It is given according to the body weight of your cat. For a cat which weighs 1 kg (2lbs), one drop of calming care should be given. Shake well before using this product and it does not require any refrigeration. Most of the pets do not go well when offered with medications they either spit it out or never even given a look at their food. So to solve this problem calming care for cats has been given a bacon flavor to make your cat to have the drops without being fussy.

Precautions while using Calming Care for Cat Anxiety and Stress: This product should not be used while your pet is pregnant or breast feeding. If calming care does not show effective results as expected or if the condition worsens then do not delay, take your pet to an expert vet. If your cat is diabetic then make sure to have a word with your vet before administering this product. Use this product as prescribed and do not give over doses. Keep this product out of reach of kids and sunlight.

Reviews about Calming Care for Cat Anxiety and Stress: Most of the owners who were having a bad time dealing with their cat’s behavior had better results after using this medication. Majority of them were advocating this product for other solution seekers who were worried about their pets. It helped their pets to get over with stress related issues and lead a normal life. Overall most of the customers who ordered this product were found to be satisfied and happy.

Conclusion: Calming care is an excellent product for all cat owners who wish to see their pets in exceptional health and playful state. This product helps to maintain a balanced behavior and assists to deal with hyperactivity. It comes with totally no side effects and does not make your cat drowsy. It helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and a calm brain which will make your kitty to respond normally. It is one of a kind herbal supplement which acts and shows results without affecting your pet’s health. Order calming care for your cat today and enjoy a stress free life. Make every day special and happy for you with your pet hopping around you.