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Calm Your Cats With Feliway Wipes

Feliway Wipes for cats

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Cats easily get nervous about its surroundings and new things. On travel and at the vacation sites it may be difficult for them and the owners to keep them calm. Feliway wipes are one of the easiest ways to keep them calm and help them familiarize with the surroundings. It also helps the cats to deal with stress aroused eating disorders and discomforts.

Feliway wipes are disposable wiping pieces that are used as a spot solution to help calm and find a solution for the environmental stress on cats. Using these wipes makes it easier to take the cats to the vet which is one of the most common reasons for their stress and nervousness. It makes the cat love its carrier more easily, and they find comfort in their bedding area for a sound sleep.

How Feliway wipes work?

The Feliway wipes contain the synthetic form of the feline facial pheromones. The pheromones help the cat to recognize the area, things, and places as its own. The cats rub their face against the surfaces and the glands that situated in the ace, cheeks, chin, and forehead produce this hormone which will be transferred to the surface. This process is called marking and the cats can recognize these hormones and feel like home.

The Feliway wipes have the exact mimic of these pheromones and wiping the surfaces with the wipes will have the pheromones which the cats will mistake it for real and feel home.

Feliway wipes for cats and stress

Feliway wipes in a way reduce the environmental stress in cats. The environmental stress arises when the cats see a new area, objects in their home or when going to a new place. It is the lack of the pheromones on these areas or objects that make the cats feel dazed. The new things make them nervous.

When the Feliway wipes are used, the pheromones get to work to make the cats familiarize to the environment and de-stress them. it prevents them from doing scratching, biting, nervous act etc.

Feliway wipes Uses & Benefits

Feliway wipes are disposable and easy to use. It comes in a pack of 12 wipes. Each Feliway wipe is safely wrapped in a sealed cover. For each use tear the cover open and take out the wipes. The Feliway wipes are clinically proven and are also recommended by the veterinarians while taking the cats on travel. The small pack makes it easy to carry it around. It easily fits into a wallet or purse.

Using feliway wipes make sure that the cats can prevent even the serious stress-related issues like feline psychogenic alopecia and interstitial cystitis etc. Feliway wipes calm the cats and also keep the pet owners calmer. With this wipes handy, traveling with the cat/cats will no longer be stressful and it would be enjoyable as well.

Some useful tips

  • Feliway wipes can be used on all surfaces but doing a small test wiping would be recommended to avoid any mishaps.
  • Feliway wipes do not create stains and safe to use on upholstery as well.
  • It should be stored away from heat.
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