C-Caps is a herbal supplement formulated to boost the immune system of the cats. It helps promote the red blood cell formation and the white blood cell health. C-Caps also help to encourage good appetite for the cats. The increase in energy levels and the overall vitality of the felines are other advantages of this natural remedy.

A weak immune system in the cats cannot maintain healthy organs and functioning. By supplementing with C-Caps, the tissues and cells in the cat’s body will have a new energized state and make a healthier body. The waste and toxin elimination process is also boosted which itself will promote the immune system functioning.

PetAlive C-Caps – Promote Complete Cellular Health

Why give C-Caps?

Domestic cats are exposed to the food preservatives, chemicals that can weaken their immune system. The lack of enough physical activities adds to the problem. The lack of natural environment which has many herbs and other exposure makes them more vulnerable to diseases. To promote their immune system supplements like the C-Caps are sometimes needed. The cat will need clean air to breathe, pure water to drink and lots of time for physical exercises to stay healthy and the C-Caps is an added advantage to boost the results of these activities. C-Caps is replacement for neither immunization program nor the medications for various diseases. It improves the natural defense mechanism of the cat’s body.

C-Caps Ingredients

  • Astragalus is found to have immune boosting compounds in it. it can support the appetite and help maintain the water metabolism of the body and increase the vitality.
  • Mistletoe maintains the blood pressure and improve the natural immune response the allergens and other triggers.
  • Echinacea acts as a lymphatic tonic and improve the production of lymphocytes. When supplied into the body regularly can result in better immune system.
  • Ashwagandha is a natural tonic for general health and energy production. It provides nourishment to the blood cells and maintains hemoglobin levels. It can also be restorative for the immune system by reviving the lost or dull abilities for defense.
  • Milk thistle has the flavonoid silymarin that has therapeutic effects. The antioxidant property of this herb maintains the liver cells and its functioning. A healthy liver can support better immunity in the cats.
  • Cat’s claw also has therapeutic properties in maintaining the immune strength by supporting and protecting the cells associated with immune system.

C-Caps Dosage

C-Caps come in capsule form. The dosage for the felines is half a capsule 2 times a day. Open up the capsule into half and mix the contents in one half into the food or water for the cats. C-Caps is safe from side effects and drug interactions. A single bottle contains 60 capsules and wil be enough for two months.

Only consistent administration can bring positive results. Usually the results are seen immediately but in some cats it may be delayed for a few days. C-Caps provides an overall health improvement for the cat, with less prone to allergies and diseases. The cats will also show more enthusiasm and energy as well.