Insect Repellant For Cats

Bug Off – Insect Repelling Soap For Cats

Wysong Bug Off is a natural handmade soap for cats. Bathing the cats with this soap will not only cleanse them but also help them repel the common bugs that bother them. The Bug Off soap is made in small batches with only natural ingredients.

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Bug Off is made with natural oils that are known to be insect repellent. The aroma from these oils is intolerable to the bugs that they will not want to come anywhere near the cats.

Bugs bothering cats are quite common and it is the owner’s duty to keep the felines guarded against the insects. The insects cause itchiness, irritation, and in the worst case, infections are all prevented by the use of Bug Off soap.

Bug Off Ingredients

  • Saponified olive is a natural antioxidant and skin moisturizer. It helps to retain the skin moisture in cats after the bath.
  • Coconut has the antibacterial property that fights all kinds of microbes and their infection on the skin. It is also an excellent moisturizer and can also prevent skin inflammations.
  • Palm oil contains some rare members of the Vitamin E family. It is useful for skin ailments and can cure any insect bites on the feline skin with regular use.
  • Soybean oil has beneficial antioxidants and vitamin E for the skin health. It helps the cat have a healthier skin and shiny coat.
  • Castor oil is a natural insect repellent which can also moisturize the skin. It has anti-inflammatory effects also.
  • Spring water is used as a mixing agent.
  • Essential oil blend is used to have the insect repellent property of Bug Off. A few natural insects repelling oils are blend together to have a sweet aroma that repels the insects and bugs away from the kitties.
  • Jojoba oil has skin moisturizing property. Here it is also used as carrier oil for the insect repelling oils.
  • Wheat germ oil has antioxidant and skin repairing properties.
  • Vitamin E is good for the skin in all living beings. In cats, it helps keep the skin integrity and supplies moisture to it.

The ingredients in the Bug Off not only repel the insects with its added essential oils, but also have many components that are good for the skin care process. It improves the skin resistance with the antimicrobial and antioxidants factors. No other cat skin care product can have these much of uses.

Bug Off is gentle on the kitty’s skin and delicately cleanses it regularly. Apply the Bug Off on to the wet skin/coat of the cat and work thoroughly on all parts, every nook, and corner. The essential oils are soothing to the cats and help calm their nerves as well.

Common bugs that bother cats

  • Flea is like the plague to cats and they seem to be haunted by flea forever. It is mostly seen around the tail and near the neck.
  • Mites, especially ear mites can cause hearing loss in kittens. It also produces a foul smell from the ear.
  • Ticks come with life-threatening diseases. The bite from this insect may lead to infection, fever, lethargy, anemia etc. these insects suck on the cat’s blood.
  • Lice are wingless insects that concentrate more on the areas that are moist. The cats will be scratching the affected areas or show rough coat over the area.
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