What is Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support?

The Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support will help in maintaining a healthy glucose level in your cat’s blood. It will also control the cholesterol level in blood. There will be a normal level of serum insulin in the blood and the medicine also helps healthy triglyceride levels. The most affected organs due to diabetes like the liver and eye will also be well taken care of.

Ingredients of Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support

  • Bilberry fruit (Vaccinium officinalis)
  • Goat’s Rue herb (Galega officinalis)
  • Fenugreek seed (Trigonella foenum-graecum)
  • Burdock root (Arctium lappa)
  • Dandelion root (Taraxacum officinale)
  • Devil’s Club root bark (Oplopanax horridum)
  • Gymnema leaf (Gymnema sylvestre)

These herbal ingredients regulate the level of insulin in the body. They also promote good liver function, promote good digestion and circulation. Having a normal blood sugar level is very important to controlling diabetes. These ingredients support the beta cells of the pancreas. Some of these herbs have therapeutic action on the cat’s body. They attend to separate parts which are affected by diabetes like the eye, for instance. The bilberry fruit is known to have a good effect on the blood vessels that supply blood to the eyes. The Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support is a proportionate mixture of these and almost all of them condition the blood sugar level and maintain insulin levels.

Inactive ingredients in the medicine: The inactive ingredients added in Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support are a natural bacon flavour, deionized water and vegetable glycerine.

Why use Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support?

There are certain symptoms you can watch out for in your cats if you think they have diabetes: lethargy, overweight, weakness, pain in the stomach or abdomen, heightened thirst and urination, weight loss and reduction in muscle mass are a few you would recognize.

Diabetes is more commonly found in male cats, older cats, overweight cats and cats with a meal of dry kibble. There is also an increase in risk if your cat is on steroids, undergoes a lot of stress, have a poor diet and are obese.

When the diabetes fails to put enough insulin in the blood, the blood sugar levels increase rather than going to the tissues where they get converted to energy. This can also mean that your cat will increasingly inactive when he or she suffers from diabetes. Poor eye health and insufficient liver function are other symptoms of diabetes.

Why choose Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support over other herbal medicines.

All the batches that come out of the laboratories are tested to ensure that your pets get the full benefit of the herbs used. The guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP are also withheld while manufacturing the medicines. There is a 90 day guarantee on the medicines. If you are not fully satisfied with the medicines at the end of 90 days, you can return them for the full amount of money you paid.

There are no side effects to using Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support as the only active ingredients are herbal and they will not harm the body of your cats.

Is it a certified medicine?

The medicine is manufactured in FDA approved laboratories under FDA approved guidelines. The provisions of CVM’s guidance practices for dietary supplements for pets are also followed by the company. Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support formula is manufactured in such a way that the full biological spectrum of the herbs used in preparation is preserved. The herbs used in the medicine are organically tended and wild harvested for their full potent.

Directions for use:

The dosage that should be given to your cat depends on his or her body weight. The medicine has to be given twice daily. For every 2 pounds of body weight, 1 drop should be administered at a time.

The natural bacon flavour added to the drops will only make it easier to get the drops into your cats. Add them to the food that they have to eat and they will consume it with no difficulty at all!

What caution should be followed when taking Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support?

If your pet is pregnant when going through symptoms of diabetes, there are chances the diabetes in due to the pregnancy. It is best to consult the vet before use. Also, if your pet is on any other medication or blood thinners, it is best that you go through a full consultation with the vet before taking Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support. Generally, it is advice that the medicine not be taken with blood thinners.

Who manufactures Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support?

Blood Sugar Gold-Cat Diabetes Support is manufactured by PetWellbeing.com. They have been making herbal medicines for pets since 2001 to wonderful response. They are known for their healthy ingredients, non-existent side effects and good advice. They have a team of holistic vets who combine the goodness of traditional herbs with modern day technology to create unique medicines for you pets’ well being.

It should be noted that every animal is different and that the medicine reacts differently in every body. This also goes for the environment where your cat lives. In a healthy clean environment, the chances for your pet’s recovery are greater. Good exercise and healthy eating are steps that should be followed without fail if you want to see a happy and active pet.
After starting the medication, you have to watch your cat for signs of recovery and reduction in symptoms. Your cats could become increasingly active; have a better bowel movement and would be less moody. In aged cats, it is more difficult to watch out for the symptoms as they are often mistaken for, well, signs of old age. Diabetes that is caused due to obesity would require frequent exercise to get rid of. Walking your cat regularly or just letting him or her play rather than keeping them cooped up will do them good.