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Bitter Safe Mist For Cats

Bitter Safe mist for cats

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Bitter Safe Mist is a safe way to prevent the cats from licking their paws excessively. Cats are ardent groomers that keep licking themselves regularly but licking their paws is not normal. It can be due to infections or an allergic reaction. Anxiety is another reason for their paw licking. Separation, new people, or the environment all can cause this problem.

The Bitter Safe Mist as the name suggests is a bitter formula that prevents the cats from this habit. It does not reduce the itchiness or the inflammation if there any. It is effective only in ceasing the itching sensation.

Bitter Safe Mist can be applied over the healing wounds, bandages, the furniture that the cats tend to bite, the things that they try to chew etc. the bitter formula of this product discourages the cats from getting their mouth anywhere near.

Benefits of Bitter Safe Mist

Bitter Safe Mist is a bitter solution that the cats will stay away from it. It is non-toxic and foul tasting. The cats that taste on the surfaces that they constantly bite, chew or lick, will be discouraged from doing so. It does not cause any side effects. Though there are instructions given on the label, please do consult the vet and seek directions.

Directions for using Bitter Safe Mist

Clean and dry the surface intended, thoroughly. Apply the Bitter Safe Mist over this surface generously. Reapplication can also be done.

While applying, keep the bottle at least 3-4 inches above the surface to have the wider spread of the solution. Apply the Bitter Safe Mist on to the cat’s skin by parting its coat or hair. On the cats, it can be applied over the wet or dry skin.

Precautions while using Bitter Safe Mist

  • Bitter Safe Mist is not fit to apply over open wounds and cuts or other body openings. It can cause the stinging burning sensation.
  • Avoid contact with eyes or mucus membranes. In case of the accident, wash with plenty of water.
  • A sample spray on the furniture surface is advised to see if it is suitable on those surfaces.
    Store the Bitter Safe Mist bottle in a cool place at room temperature. Keep it away from heat and sunlight.
  • Bitter Safe Mist is for animal use, not meant for humans. It is for external use only. Keep it away from children and pets at all time.
  • In case of accidental ingestion immediately seek a health professional’s assistance.
  • Use this lick guard must be used only with those drugs that are prescribed.
  • Do not use Bitter Safe Mist without the veterinarian’s prescription. Also, use it only for the conditions that it was prescribed. For other conditions, it may not be effective and might also cause negative effects.
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