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Better-Bladder Control Spray For Feline Incontinence

Better-Bladder control spray is a homeopathic remedy for the feline incontinence or the urinary leakage in cats. The incontinence may be caused by the due to low levels of certain hormones or weak muscles of the urinary bladder. These weak muscles may be an aftermath of stress and anorexia. Some spinal injury can also cause the incomplete closure of the urethral sphincter.

Symptoms of feline incontinence

Cats that suffer from urinary incontinence will have frequent bladder leakage and will have puddles here and there. They will have urination even before they assume their position. When the cat makes a jump or even at the slightest pressure, will not be able to retain urine.

Better-Bladder control spray will help in improving the bladder control. The dribbling and accidental wetting by the little cats are also relieved. It can strengthen the bladder muscles and that of the urethra.

Better Bladder Control

Better-Bladder control spray is easier to administer to the fretting cats. Just 2 sprays directly into the cat’s mouth and you are done. There is no trouble in dissolving the granules or forming the lumps. Better-Bladder control spray provides a holistic approach to the urinary incontinence. It goes right into the cause of this problem. It not only relieves the symptoms but also erases the reason behind and avoids any recurrence.

Is Better-Bladder control spray safe for cats?

Better-Bladder control spray is a homeopathic formula and is safe to use without any side effects. The ingredients used are highly diluted and is delicate on the pet’s body. There are no side effects that are accounted for and neither are any drug interactions.

Better-Bladder control spray is made with homeopathic ingredients that address to the various symptoms of the problem in hand.

  • Cantharis is a remedy for uncontrollable urinating urge and also for the pain caused by it in the bladder.
  • Causticum can reduce the sneezing and coughing that can cause urinary incontinence.
  • Equisetum is used for frequent and involuntary urination.
  • Ferrum phos reduces the cough and the urinary incontinence that follows.

How long should the pet take Better-Bladder control spray?

Better-Bladder control spray is a natural remedy and might take its course. Normally Better-Bladder control spray works faster but there are some cats that are slow to respond to it. there is no time limit for using Better-Bladder control spray. It can continue to use for as long as needed. It is non-addictive and will have no problems when stopped using. It can be used as a maintenance supplement for continued good health of the urinary bladder and associated muscles.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews for Better-Bladder control spray states that it has cured the urinary incontinence that has been there for years. After taking this remedy the cats have not had any recurrence for a long time. There are also cases where there has not been a complete cure but there certain are big relief in the problem.

It is recommended that Better-Bladder control spray is to be used along with the UTI-Free from PetAlive for better results.

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