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Be a cat detective to know your kitty well by paying more attention to what your cat’s poop is trying to tell you about its health

Poop talk is nasty, yes, but when needed, we must talk about it. If you have a cat around, it might be difficult to check its health unless it shows some kind of symptoms. What about when it does have some health issues and you are unaware of? The cat sure cannot tell you this right? The cat cannot, but its poop can tell about some of the inner health issues it suffers from.

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I’m not asking you to wait on the cat to check its poop. Do pay attention when you scoop the litter from the box. It is not so hard to do isn’t it? If you are the one who cleans the litter box daily, it is easier job. Just pay a closer look at the poop at least once in every 2-3 days. There are health issues other than diarrhea that are easily detected through the fecal matter of the kitty.

What does the normal cat poop look like?

Before we jump on to the health issues, one must be aware of what the healthy or normal cat poop looks like. It is hard but soft that seems like soft dough in perfect brown color. It should be easy to scoop up and the litter will be coated over it easily. It does smell nasty but not over so to drive you out of the room. There could also be some ‘elements’ such as fur, seeds and other harmless substances as well. The normal frequency is once a day or at the least once in every 24-36 hours. Now is about the cat poop and what it tells you.

Furry: If the fecal matter has some fur popping here and there, do not worry, it tells you that the cat is an ardent groomer. The cat swallows some amount of the fur while it grooms itself. As long as the fur is not too much it should be ok.

Too hard poop is a sign of constipation. It could be crumbled and out of shape as well. The cat is struggling to expel the waste. If the cat used to have furry poop earlier, it could most probably due to excess fur in its system. The fur in large amount could block the feces causing constipation. Otherwise, the cat is not having enough water. These constipated dropping will be too dark in color, almost to the touch of black.

Loose poop is, yes, diarrhea. It is ok if the cat suffers this for not more than a day. It could probably due to some new food introduce which will be cured within no time. If it persists for more than a day, take the cat to the vet immediately.

Noodles? Sometimes the cat poop would look normal but there can be elements that look like noodles. These noodles would be the roundworms. They must be eliminated as early as possible; otherwise, they could infect the cat’s lungs. The roundworms are no-symptoms creatures until they are large in number. Checking the cat’s poop could avert the situation in the earlier stage itself.

White substances like rice in the poop are the eggs of the tapeworms. Take immediate treatment from the vet or get ready with the home remedies to get rid of these worms.

Black colored poop could most probably mean blood in it. The dried blood makes this dark coloration. This could mean many types of health issues. It is better to take the kitty to the vet if you see any such conditions.

Red colored patches in poop also mean presence of blood. Whereas the black color is dried up blood, the red colored is the sign bleeding. Both these conditions are not normal. Constipation could cause occasional blood presence but it is not normal to have blood in feces frequently.

Do not hesitate, it is your duty

Being a cat parent is not an easy job, no matter how cute the kitty is. It takes as much effort to keep up its cuteness and all through its health. Scooping is the daily job when you have a cat, so spend a few more seconds there to check, not the looks of the poop, but to the inner mirror of your cat’s health.

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