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Awesome Facts About Cats

Felines are adorable and their tiny little paws walking around the house is such an enticing scene for the eyes. They are not only awesome creatures but also very intelligent just like their human owners and somewhat better I must say.

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Here are a few facts about cats that might interest you

  • Have you ever seen a group of cats wandering around or having a meeting in your lawn? And do you know what are a group of cats are known as? Well it is called as clowder. So next time when you see groups don’t forget to remember this word.
  • Cats can hear anything even from a small pin dropping in the floor and do you know why? That is because they have around 20 muscles to control their ears.
  • Cats can survive even after falling from height say even above 20 stories.
  • Cats spend majority of their life span as sleepy heads. Yes you heard it right.
  • It is also said that female cats are right pawed and males the opposite.
  • Give your cat a chocolate or a candy still it will taste bland because cats cannot feel sweetness.
  • Domestic Cats have inhabited this earth long before the pharaohs.
  • A cat has been the mayor of an Alaska town for about 15 years. Well that was something great indeed as we are fed up with humans.
  • Cats are lactose intolerant so stop giving them milk even if you cat insists to drink.
  • You must have heard of hairballs and the original term for the same is bezoars.
  • Cats and humans have almost similar brain structures and areas that control emotions. No wonder why they behave like us in most of the situations especially when doing mischiefs.
  • Cats have strong memory power than dogs but have a low social IQ.
  • There is a pose in yoga which actually talks about cat pose.
  • In India people say it is bad sign if a cat crosses your road when you are off to some work or place.
  • Cats can store 1000 times data than an ipad or any other electronic gadget.
  • Do you know that Isaac Newton is the person who invented cat doors where your felines keeping running two and fro.
  • A cat is faster than Usain bolt and it can also jump six times its length.
  • Cats do not sweat through their skin and only sweat through their foot pads.

Conclusion: Cats are really cool creatures who like to show attitudes just like their masters and love to be pampered as much as possible. They are adorable creatures who are not only sweet but also playful and loyal just like the canines.

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