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ArthriEase VP For Arthritis In Cats

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Arthriease-Gold Soft Chews 120 count

Is your pet struggling with arthritis? Then do not wait, give them a support for their joints. The best option left with you is ARTHRIEASE VP.

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Your cat will be in decreased activity state due to the immense pain and swollen joints that they will be suffering from. Using Arthriease will help to reduce the hesitancy to run, climb the stairs. They will help in providing the right medications that will help in improving from arthritis. This will provide a great relief from the aches and the discomfort that they have been tired of suffering from due to the health weakened joints. These formulas that are used in creating Arthriease VP also contain antioxidants and enzymes that will provide a great relief both cartilage and the joints. This formula is easy for consumption as it also contain natural flavoring both for dogs and cats.


  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Glucosamine HCl
  • Green Lipped Mussel
  • Yucca
  • Boswellia Serrata
  • d-alpha Tocopheryl Vit E
  • Calcium Ascorbate Ester


  • For cats give them ¼ scoops and for dogs determine the weight and give them accordingly.
  • For dogs of 10lbs ¾ th the scoop will be perfect
  • For 11 to 39 lbs 1 heaping scoop will be fine
  • For dogs 40 to 79 lbs 2 scoops will be OK
  • For dogs weighing more than 80 lbs give them 3 scoops.
  • Double the daily amount for your dogs and cats for the first three weeks of time period.


  • Medications alone will not help your pets to get a relief. There is lot more to be done as pet owners.
  • Give them a good cozy bed to rest on for your pets.
  • Give them a gentle massage. Love and care them. They need you more at disease time.
  • Place food items such that they are easy for access when they are in need.
  • Do not let them or trouble them with more of walks or jump.
  • Give them proper rest and medications on time.
  • As the state improves, do not stop the medications all of a sudden. Get a veterinarian concern to know the present exact health status.
  • Avoid vigorous plays, turning, twisting, jumping or leaping.
  • Get involved to a gentle exercise program. Gentle play can be helpful in arthritis.
  • Go for a weight loss program, if your pet is overweight.
  • Supply them with homely food than processed foods. Give them the right blend of nutrients, vitamins and the minerals.
  • This product when ordered through official website, will cost less.


  • Is your pet pregnant or intended to breed- then do not use Arthriease.
  • Do not keep this product in the reach of children or other pets.
  • If in case there occurs any accidental consumption, call a doctor and enquire.
  • Do not recommend this product for human use.
  • Avoid the usage of expiry dated products
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