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ArcheType Burgers For Cats

Burgers are for us to enjoy a day out. you think so? You are right but it is not the same anymore. Even cats can have burgers. Sounds funny? No, it is for real. The ArcheType Burgers come from the Wysong manufacturers. It is a simple and healthy diet for the cats to have a chance at enjoying their favorite flavors uncooked and raw.

ArcheType Burgers also has other nutrient sources like fruits and vegetables along with probiotics, needed amino acids, energy providing fatty acids etc. It is completely healthy for the felines to be more resistant to the diseases.

Archetype Burgers for Cats

What is ArcheType Burgers

The formula used to make the ArcheType Burgers is basic raw food that the cats are taking naturally. The additional ingredients add to the benefits. The ingredients are dehydrated before adding into the formula.

ArcheType Burgers are non-thermally processed, they are cold processed. No heat is used as the heat can destroy the natural digestive enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients in the food. With the cold processing the antioxidants and other useful ingredients stay intact and can work on for the betterment of the cat’s body.

ArcheType Burgers

ArcheType Burgers are made into round patties. The patties are made using beef, beef organs, chicken, fat, vegetables like carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach and broccoli sprouts.

There is more, there are wheat grass, flaxseed, dried fermented products that helps create a balance of all the nutrients. The minerals and vitamins all contribute to the better absorption of the nutrition. The ArcheType Burgers patties can be given as treats anytime.

ArcheType Burgers are suitable for all cats, young or old. It can help boost the immune system. It is made with human grade beef and chicken which is safe for the cats as well.

ArcheType Burgers usage tips

ArcheType Burgers is available in 20 oz canisters. These containers make it easy to carry around even on vacations and trips. It comes completely dehydrated and safe from any fungal formation. It can be rehydrated within 2 minutes by adding warm water. There are no harsh chemicals added in it to spoil the natural taste.

The ArcheType Burgers patties come in dry form. Each canister contains 8 patties. It can be used as it is, as a treat to the cats. The patties can be given broken or as whole. Adding water can make it a stew like food.

Cautions needed while using ArcheType Burgers

ArcheType Burgers need to be used within a year of manufacture. The manufacturing date is printed on the canister sticker. Even though there are fatty acids that prevent oxidative damage, it cannot protect the food for longer.

The ArcheType Burgers must be handled with precautions and proper hygiene. Wash the hands before and after handling the ArcheType Burgers. Clean the surfaces that have come in contact with the burgers.

ArcheType Burgers are meant for cats and dogs. It must be kept away from children.

The users all have the opinion that this product is great and the cats love the taste as well. The ease to carry around makes it even more acceptable. Why don’t you try it?

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