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Anxitane Chewable Tablets For Cats

Virbac Anxitane Tablets

Anxitane chewable tablets are relaxing tablets suitable for cats. Cats that are anxious due of any external reasons like environmental changes, stress of circumstances etc can be calmed down with the help of these tablets. The clinical signs that are associated with stress in cats like fear and anxious behavior are reduced in due time.

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What are Anxitane chewable tablets?

Anxitane chewable tablets contain the neurologically active L-theanine suntheanine in its easy chewable form. The active ingredient in Anxitane chewable tablets controls and reduces the stress-related reactions in the cats. in the initial stage, these tablets make a convenient and safer replacement for the pharmaceutical treatments.

The ingredients in Anxitane chewable tablets is safe and non-addictive. It also does not cause any side effects or interactions and will also not interfere with any other medications that are being taken by the felines. These palatable chewable tablets are proven accepted by the cats.

Anxitane chewable tablets do not cause drowsiness in the cats and they stay alert all the while. It is safe for use at daytime also.

Ingredients of Anxitane chewable tablets

As mentioned above the active ingredient here is the L-theanine Suntheanine. There are other ingredients that are rather inactive in the state. They are colloidal silica, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, polyvinyl poly pyrrolidone, mannitol and poultry flavor. The flavor makes it comfortable for the cats to chew them on.

Usage instructions for Anxitane chewable tablets

Anxitane chewable tablets are meant as a long-term treatment program. The minimum period of usage of it is 60 days before deciding its outcome. The first rule for using Anxitane chewable tablets is that, do not do self-treatment and have the veterinarian have a look at the pet and decide. The cats may take a little while before showing improvement and in the worst cases, there may not be any improvement at all. The results are entirely dependent on the cats.

In case the cat’s condition worsens, immediate medical attention should be sort. The recommended dosage for cats is the ½ a tablet two times a day for a minimum of 60 days.

Anxitane chewable tablets come in two sizes, small and medium. The cats need the small tablets. It comes in the pack of 30 tablets. For the minimal period of use, you may need to purchase two such packs. If the Anxitane chewable tablets are effective there is no harm in using it for a longer period, beyond the 60 days.

Precautions needed while administering Anxitane chewable tablets

First of all, it is an exclusive animal use only, so while storing please do make sure that it is kept away from little children.

Anxitane chewable tablets are effective in reducing stress and anxiety in cats, yes, but it also requires some changes in the behavior pattern from the cats. For that, the owners may want to spend some time with them and tame them for the convenience. This way the effectiveness of Anxitane can be pushed up.

Extended use of Anxitane chewable tablets must get a green signal from the concerned vet.

No matter how harmless the medication is, overdosage is never welcomed. Make sure that you administer only the recommended dosage. The different availability of the tablets also needs some attention. The cats are suitable to have the small tablets.

The bottom line is that Anxitane chewable tablets are not to cure the separation anxiety or the different phobias in felines. It can take care of the stress created by the circumstances. It is also not a permanent solution to the problem as the root cause may be something else that needs some attention.

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