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Anergen Feline Canned Diet

Anergen Feline Canned Diet
Anergen is a hypo allergenic diet that is also available as canned food. The canned diet helps add more water into the cat diet and prevent the felines from getting dehydrated due to excessive use of dry foods.

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The dry foods take up the needed water from the cat’s body and since the felines are not in a habit of drinking water frequently will suffer big time later. Watery food must be fed to them once a while or at least once a day.

The significance of the Aneregn canned feline food is that it contains nothing that can pull out an allergic reaction from the cats. There are a few allergy causing ingredients in some cat foods. The common allergens are the dairy products or some protein, wheat and beef.

In Anergen canned food does not have beef, wheat, or dairy products in it. Instead it is made with a wider range of beneficial ingredients that can provide nutrition. The amino acids in this formulation are enough to replace the less nutrient diet fed to the felines.

What does the analysis show? Feline Canned Diet

The analysis of the Anergen canned shows that it is made with 75% of moisture locked in it. The percentage of protein is 9 and that of fat makes 5. The crude fiber content is just above 1- 1.3%, but that is fine as the other counterpart will compensate for this.

Anergen is used in conjunction with other dry Wysong cat food. Anergen is the best choice to make a complete balanced diet that is pure hypo allergenic. The cats will get nourishment and can stay safe from allergens as well.

Anergen Feline Canned Diet Ingredients

Lamb and lamb Liver makes up the meat part in this canned feline food. Enough water is used in the processing to have the right consistency. There are ground brown rice, flaxseeds, limestone, dried kelp, wheat grass and dried barley are used. All of these are dried and made into fine powder. There are extract of rosemary, black pepper, garlic and artichoke are also mixed in. there will be dices of carrots as well. Yeast culture, vitamin supplements, mineral salts of zinc, iron, manganese, calcium, copper also are part of Anergen canned diet.

Feeding directions for Anergen Feline Canned Diet

Anergen canned feline diet is used as a supplement. So add in about 2.5 oz of the canned food each time, into the dry cat food. The recommended dosage will be 5.5 oz for every 8 lbs of the cat’s weight. The amount should be divided into two parts and served. It is better to feed it for two meals of a day. Allow the cat enough time to eat the food. Allow a time limit of 30 minutes before taking it away.

Store the left over in the refrigerator or freezer. Store in a proper container and make sure that the lid is tightly closed. While using this stored left over again, then take it out ahead and allow it to come to room temperature. Making it slightly warm is also allowed.

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