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Anergen 2 Rabbit Formula For Cats

Anergen For cats

Anergen 2 is an alternative cat food for the cats that are normally allergic to the common cat feed available in market. Here is alternative protein source is rabbit.

The shreds of raw rabbit is added in it and dehydrated so that the cats can have good nourishment and also has high protein supply. It allows the cats to have a slight variation from their usual diet, even if they are not allergic to food ingredients.

Anergen 2 features

The conventional cat food usually has the ‘protein’ and not real animal protein. This hypo allergic feline food Anergen 2 has a spectrum of both macro and micro nutrients. The analysis of this product shows that it has 40% protein and 16 % fat. Fiber, taurine amino acids and moisture is also present in it. Even though the food is dry and dehydrated there still is enough moisture for the cats to enjoy it. It is not crunchy as it seems. The felines will be able to take a bite at the meat and feel completely natural.

The rabbit meat is shredded and is not at all cooked. No heat is used in the processing. The meat is cold processed so that it retains the natural form and then dehydrated to be mixed with the other ingredients. The cold processing also preserves the nutrients and other compounds in the meat which will help with the health of the kitties.

There is no allergy causing items such as fish, dairy etc. The only dairy parts added are yogurt which is fermented and is more beneficial. The whey protein just adds to the total protein count and does not cause troubles.

Anergen 2 ingredients

The primary ingredient here is rabbit. Both rabbit raw meat and rabbit meal are added. The rabbit meal is a mix of its organs and bones shredded. The moisture from this mix is removed to make it drier. The rabbit meal is easily digestible and is more concentrated form with denser nutrients.

The peas added are a source of protein, phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. It also makes a good source for the vitamins A, B, C and K.

Potato protein is added here devoid of the starch. It is one of the highest protein obtained from plants.

Soybean oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil etc contains the omega 6 fatty acids, useful cholesterol, and tocotrienols respectively. The coconut oil also has other short chain fatty acids that can help with proper immune functioning. While the rice bran oil is stable under the processing, the processing specialty here in Anergen 2 manufacturing helps preserves the omega 6 fatty acid oxidation.

Crab meal is also added as the ingredient to add the protein chitosan.

Flaxseeds are another source of the omega fatty acids for energy, skin health, glossy coat, and immune health in the cats. It also helps improve their reproductive system.

Taurine, the amino acid that is usually destroyed in food processing and which the cats hardly get from their diet is added here and is also preserved. This amino acid is essential for the vital systems.

There are many digestive enzymes supplied in Anergen 2. The enzymes amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, and phytase are seen in this product. The first two enzymes come from fermented Bacillus licheniformis and Aspergillus oryzae respectively. While the last three enzymes come from Aspergillus niger. There also are other useful probiotic flora which helps in digestion and immune system support.

Feeding Anergen 2

  • The first thing to note is that Anergen 2 can be a whole meal. But do not make the mistake of changing the feline diet on a snap. Take your time and slowly add it to their diet. The gradual transition from the usual diet to Anergen 2 should be over a period of 7-15 days. It helps to avoid digestive disturbances.
  • Be flexible in increasing and decreasing the portions when needed.
  • There is no need to add water into the Anergen 2 but have pure and clean water ready nearby in case the kitty needs it.
  • Over feeding will not help. Give only as recommended and the recommended portion is applicable for per day basis.
  • The portions suggested are ¼ cup for 5 lbs cats, ½ a cup for cats that weigh 10 lbs, cats that are weighing up to 15 lbs can be fed ¾ of a cup and that are equivalent or above 20 lbs wil need 1 cup of Anergen 2 per day.

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