Anal Gland Impaction In Cats

AnalGlandz – Remedy To Support Healthy Cat Anal Glands

AnalGlandz is a natural remedy for extraction and emptying of the anal glands of cats. The secretion from the anal glands may turn nasty and smelly, unless it is not expressed regularly. AnalGlandz is a natural remedy to assist the manual expression of the anal glands and to keep it clean. Manually clearing the glands may sometimes cause damage to the anus of the cats. To avoid this use the AnalGlandz to make less pressure on the glands and have it emptied easier. These kinds of natural remedies work better as they can help avoid any infection caused by the tissue damage.

analglandz for Cats

The ingredients

AnalGlandz is made of herbal extracts formulated using homeopathy to avoid any harshness of it. The herbs used are,

  • Chamomile is the first ingredient which can soothe the applied area and is also a natural cleanser. It can take part in wound healing which means it can heal any damage that might have happened at the anus of the cats.
  • Dandelion is another herbal cleanser that can release the skin toxins and avoid its accumulation.
  • Stinging nettle is soothing and gently cleanses the applied area.
  • Yarrow can help the skin health. Using it in the AnalGlandz enhances the product’s ability to keep up a better anal health for the felines.

Dosage and Usage Instructions

The dosage for AnalGlandz is 5-10 drops. These numbers of drops are added into a quarter cup of warm water. Mix it well and using a cotton swab dipped in this solution, clean the anal area of the cat. Apply gentle pressure so that the heat is transferred on to the anal opening.

Use AnalGlandz only once or maximum twice a week regularly. After using AnalGlandz express the anal glands of the cat gently using the thumb and forefinger only. Press from inwards to outwards to get the fluid out.

Other methods to support AnalGlandz

Give the kitty a high fiber diet to have regular bowel movements. Bowel emptying also helps to empty the anal glands and avoid the fluid accumulation. It will also ensure there are fewer chances of infections. AnalGlandz keeps the anal opening clean and hygiene.

Why use AnalGlandz?

If the anal glands are not emptied regularly it may clog the anal sac and the pressure of it can make bowel movements painful for the little cats.

It can lead to infections as the fluid may help the bacteria to grow. It can cause itchiness and make the cat angry and restless.

Abscess is another problem arises as a result of anal glands fluid accumulation. The swollen tender mass appears near the anal sacs which will be painful.

The use of antibiotics and tranquilizers may be called for which can cause side effects and other complications. The worst case will be that the cat may have its anal sac removed. By regular use of AnalGlandz this extremity may be avoided and it helps keep the cat at its best health for longer.

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