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AmazaPet Tablet: Natural Remedy For Wheezing & Chest Discomfort In Cats

Amazapet For cats

Wheezing is a sign of chest discomfort and lung diseases. Allergies and infections due to bacteria, fungi, virus etc bring about them. Sometimes there may not be any infection but yet the cat may suffer wheezing and sounds like having chest congestion, it is because of some kind of allergy or asthma. AmazaPet tablets are just what you need to give them relief from these discomforts. It is a homeopathic preparation that naturally relieves these signs and makes the cats comfortable and does not cause any negative effects and is safe from being addictive.

AmazaPet tablets are made of

  • Althea is a fine choice for treating irritating and disturbing cough and other respiratory infections. It relieves the dry cough casing sore throat.
  • Arsenicum alb a popular homeopathic remedy helps ease the broncho-spasm and dry throat irritation. The sneezing and allergies that may lead to wheezing are also dealt with.
  • Innula is being used for centuries to cure bronchitis and asthma in pets. It has a calming effect
  • Kali mur is a biochemical salt that can decongest the chest area and lungs. It is soothing and can reduce the inflammation and prevent infections. It can strengthen the tissues of nerves and blood.
  • Mag phos is a tissue salt that can respond faster to clear the air passages and reduce the wheezing.
  • Phosphorus is another homeopathic remedy for asthma and bronchitis. In cats it reduces the chest tightness and lingering dry coughs. It can also help prevent respiratory problems.

How to use AmazaPet tablets

The AmazaPet tablets can be crushed and mixed with the kitty’s food or water. The frequency is one tablet 3-5 times a day. The dose may not be increased but the frequency can. Stick to one tablet but administer it more times than regular. It should be given between 30 minutes apart and only up to 10 doses in a day.

Within hours the results start showing. It is easier if AmazaPet tablets are started at the initial stage of the symptoms. Severe symptoms may take time to relieve. The results may start as less frequent wheezing attacks which later start diminishing and stays almost invisible. It is suitable for cats of all ages. It may need vet’s approval to use on pregnant and nursing cats.

One bottle of AmazaPet tablets is enough for a month on regular use. it may last only for 12 or more if used with the maximum dose. Since severe wheezing may need more time to relieve, more than one bottle is needed. There are offers when buying more than one bottles.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews all appreciate the effects of AmazaPet tablets. There are no side effects and easy to administer as well. The customer service and shipping and delivery are also prompt.

Another customer states that AmazaPet tablets brought their cat from near death. Even severe asthma attacks are cured by AmazaPet tablets.

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