But, it is important to treat it by offering proper medications and paying attention to cat’s diet and exercise regimen. To help maintain good health of diabetic cats, along with these taking care tips it is important to constantly monitor their blood glucose levels. From the daily busy schedule it is not always possible to take your cat to animal clinic to check its sugar levels. Hence, an alternative to this is to buy a Blood Glucose Monitoring machine. VetApprovedRx provides the superior quality products online that are USA FDA and EPA approved. In addition, all its products including AlphaTrak II Starter Kit [Blood Glucose Monitoring] is most reasonably priced. The entire details of AlphaTrak II Starter Kit are mentioned here.

The AlphaTrak II Starter Kit is accurate and provides results in seconds. It is easy to use kit that requires a small blood sample, and is specifically made for dogs and cats. With this kit you can easily monitor your cat’s blood glucose from the comfort of your home. This may be the same accurate device that your veterinarian uses at the clinic to check your cat’s sugar levels. This AlphaTrak II Starter kit contains 1 complete Kit.

Alphatrak II

Diabetes is usually less commonly seen in cats but research signals the increase in incidences of cats being diabetic. Diabetes is not a life threatening health condition.

AlphaTrak II Starter Kit Benefits

The following benefits are provided by AlphaTrak II Starter Kit:

  • This kit is specially calibrated for both Cats and Dogs
  • It is easy to use device
  • Offers accurate results in just few seconds
  • It actually requires a small blood sample of 0.3UL only

AlphaTrak II Starter Kit Components

The following components are offered along with this kit:

  • AlphaTrak 2 Meter – This product is tiny enough to accommodate in any corner of your house.
  • AlphaTrak 25 Test Strips – It comes with easy to measure test strips for instant results.
  • Lancing Device – This blood-sampling device comes with a lancet at the tip on both sides.
  • 30 AlphaTrak Lancets – This Lancet will allow you to put a cut on your cat body part to get the needed blood sample.
  • AlphaTrak Control Solution – It also comes with the AlphaTrak Control Solution.
  • Instructional DVD – The included instructional DVD will give you step wise guidance while using the device.
  • Diabetes Diary – It will be very helpful in recording the sugar levels readings and help maintaining a record for future use.
  • User’s Guide – This manual will help you guide everything you need to know about this product.
  • Carrying Case – It comes with a convenient carrying case for you to easily store or carry the device.

AlphaTrak II Starter Kit Recommended Capillary Sampling Areas

The below mentioned body areas can be used to determine Blood Glucose using AlphaTrak II Starter kit:

  • In both cats and dogs, Marginal ear vein
  • Paw pad in both cats and dogs
  • usually dogs, Leg Callus
  • Inner or outer lip, dogs only

AlphaTrak II Starter Kit Instructions

It is suggested to please read and follow the package insert as directed. Follow the following steps to measure the blood glucose levels:

  • Obtain blood sample from your cat
  • Insert the test strip into the meter port
  • Select the correct species
  • Touch one side of the test strip to the blood sample.
  • Results will appear on the display screen in seconds

To buy this amazing, easy to use and accurate Blood Glucose Monitoring starter kit, you will just have to click on the link below: http://www.vetapprovedrx.com/shop.asp?category_id=&item_id=1936&item_name=AlphaTrak%20II%20Blood%20Glucose%20Monitoring%20System#.VRkwnfyUeSo , check the price and add to cart for checkout.