However, it is important to monitor cat’s blood sugar levels on regular basis to help veterinarian modify medications or for any other further course of action. Regular visit to veterinarian clinic for get cat’s blood sample tested for sugar levels is difficult in this hectic life. Thus, buying a blood glucose monitoring device is a better alternative. But along with the device you will require assessor and refills to check cat’s blood sample. VetApprovedRx is pet medications online site that offers such devices as well as finest quality refills and accessories used to operate such machines. AlphaTrak II Assessory/ Refills pack offered here can be used with AlphaTrak blood glucose monitoring device.

AlphaTrak II Assessory/ Refills offers two types of products, one is AlphaTrak lancets and second is AlphaTrak II Blood Glucose Test Strips. The details of both this products are included further.

Alphatrak II
If your cat is detected with diabetes then it is important to take proper care of your cat. Providing the needed medications, proper diet and exercise will help cat treat and recover soon.

AlphaTrak Lancets

AlphaTrak lancets should be used only with the AlphaTrak lancing device. The features of this product are:

  • AlphaTrak lancets offered as AlphaTrak II Assessory/ Refills are designed to provide precise accuracy and minimal pain when lancing both cats and dogs for blood glucose monitoring.
  • The included lancets have a 28-gauge needle and a twist-top design to offers safety.
  • You should be using each lancet just once, and then follow proper discarding method. They should be properly discarded in a sharp container, or in particularly marked containers that note the contents.
  • AlphaTrak lancets are available for sale in a box of 100 sterile lancets
  • The box outer label does not show AlphaTrak II lancets but shows AlphaTrak Lancets.

AlphaTrak II Blood Glucose Test Strips

AlphaTrak II Blood Glucose Test Strips offered as part of an AlphaTrak II Assessory/ Refills are made specifically for use in both dogs and cats. The several features of this product are:

  • This product is easy to use, needs just a tiny blood sample of pet and provides results in just seconds.
  • AlphaTrak II Test Strips to measure blood glucose works well with both AlphaTrak and AlphaTrak II Meters.
  • This Test Strip product needs only 0.3 uL of blood.
  • The skillfully angled sample area makes it easy for you to position the target area on your cat to the blood drop.
  • The sample tab is designed on the strip to break the meniscus of the blood sample to facilitate for fast wicking.
  • It is capable to automatically turn the meter on and off for rapid testing.
  • Ensure to put 0.3 uL of blood as the test only starts when the test strip has enough blood.
  • In case more blood is needed, then it can easily be added to the same side of the AlphaTrak II test strip for up to 60 seconds.
  • One pack of AlphaTrak II Blood Glucose Test Strips contains 50 counts of strips.

To buy any or both the products offered under AlphaTrak II Assessory/ Refills, click on the link below that directs you to VetApprovedRx official web page., select the product/ s you wish to buy at the most affordable price.