Allergies In Cats

Allergy Itch Ease Spray: Homeopathic Medicine For Cat Skin Allergies

Allergy Itch Ease Spray

The Allergy Itch Ease Spray is a homeopathic preparation that relieves the common scratching and itching problems in cats. This homeopathic preparation provides temporary relief from the over itching, chewing and licking of the skin that is usually caused by allergies and infestations. It soothes the irritated skin due to the excessive scratching. Allergy Itch ease spray can reach to the innermost layer of the skin and work on the cellular level to protect and soothe the irritation. It can also calm the kitties which are sometimes aggressive and over excited. It is also helpful in managing the sensory equilibrium of the skin.

Allergy Itch Ease Spray Ingredients

Allergy Itch Ease Spray is a homeopathic preparation that uses the herbal and other ingredients in the diluted form. All these are used in homeopathic formulas.

  • Arum triphyllum can relieve scarlet rash and an irritated raw bloody skin patch. It also reduces the bright red colored irritated skin.
  • Viola tricolor can reduce the intolerable itching on the skin. The excessive itching will lead to scratch caused inflammation and this herb is effective in reducing the itch instantly.
  • Comocladia dentata is an answer to constant itches, red colored pimples on the cat’s skin, redness arising all over the body and the red stripes appearing on the kitty’s skin surface.
  • Chamomilla is a nervous calmer that can help control the anger in the irritated cat whose skin is irritated due to various reasons.
  • Cina is effective in controlling irritability and the temper. Mood changes due to the skin irritation are also curbed easily.

How to use Allergy Itch Ease Spray

Allergy Itch Ease Spray is in liquid form which can be sprayed on to the irritated skin area on the cats. The usual dose is 2 sprays on to the irritated area. The frequency for use is 10 times initially with a 30 minutes gap in between. Later onwards, the dose is only three times a day. A single bottle of Allergy Itch Ease Spray can last for up to 33 days depending on the dosage. It is a holistic approach to the itching problem that helps relieve without causing any side effects.

Care must be taken while spraying the Allergy Itch Ease Spray on to the inflamed skin. If the right dose is not sprayed it may sting a little bit. But since it is a spray it is easier for administering. The duration of relief depends on the cause behind the itch.

Support of other natural methods

Allergy Itch Ease Spray is not all that you should do. There are dietary changes for the cats and make them do some physical efforts also. All these help boost the immune system that will also reduce the inflammation and immune response to the cause. Include fish oil in the cat’s diet that can counter act the inflammation. Oatmeal bath also soothes the itchy skin. Applying the Allergy Itch Ease Spray after an oatmeal bath can be a booster.

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