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Allergy Itch Ease – Relief for Itchy Skin On Cats

Allergy Itch Ease Spray

Pets, especially cats, are prone to skin problems such as itchy skin. There are many kinds of diseases on cats that cause itchy skin. Allergy Itch Ease is a natural remedy that can relieve the itchy skin in cats. Itchy skin arises due to allergy, infestation, flea, etc. The itchy sensation can happen anywhere on the body, head, neck, back, behind the ears etc.

Allergy Itch Ease can relieve the itching caused by eczema, dermatitis, irritated red patches, an mottled skin. What this product does is to maintain a balance of the sensory level and oxygen supply to the skin at the cellular level. It also helps to support shiny coat or fur of the cats. The relief felt is for a longer term.

The Allergy Itch Ease is homeopathic formula that uses diluted forms of the herbs and other salts that provide relief from itching. There are no side effects of any of the ingredients or the product as such. It is completely safe to use by all and is also not addictive so that the usage can be stopped any time without any troubles. This product protects all the layers of the skin to give an effective and long lasting relief that will also remove the cause as well.

Allergy Itch Ease Ingredients

  • Arum triph supports the skin and erase the itchiness, redness and the burning sensation that is caused by constant itching. It is helpful for those itches that arise due to wind and during seasonal changes.
  • Viola tric is a general remedy for skin afflictions, and can cure the general itchiness that arises on any part of the body. It also works as a detoxifying agent that removes the toxins in the blood which causes the itchiness.
  • Comocladia dentate is used in homeopathic preparations and here it is to reduce the redness of the skin. It is also useful in calming the inflamed tissues and reduces the inflammatory activity.
  • Chamomilla is a soothing herb which is being used for many centuries to calm the nerves. It calms the aggression of the cats which make them scratch the skin more vigorously. It is especially relieving for those itches that tend to get worse at night.
  • Cina supports the skin right from the cellular level and remove any triggers that can lead to itching. It is mainly useful for those cats which tend to jump and twitch when their skin is being itchy and irritated.

Together, these ingredients soothe the skin and alleviate the allergic reactions. It is effective against mild itchiness or the chronic itch. The cell integrity is well protected on all the layers of the skin and also helpful in improving the sensory balance of the protective skin.

Usage directions

Allergy Itch Ease comes in the granule form is directly administered into the cat’s mouth. Take a large pinch of the Allergy Itch Ease granules and put it directly into the pet’s mouth or mix it with the cat’s food. The frequency of administration is 10 doses in a gap of 30 minutes initially, and sticking to only three times a day later. The results are almost immediate in majority of the cats but some may take more time of 3-5 days before showing any improvement. A single bottle of Allergy Itch Ease lasts for a month.

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