Allergies In Cats

Allergy Anti Lick Paw Spray

Allergy Anti Lick Paw Spray

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The cat that licks its paw too often and excessively can be a case of worry for the pet owners. Allergy Anti Lick Spray is an answer to this problem. This constant licking of paws is a sign of injury, yeast, infection, or allergy. Anxiety is also a problem that shows this symptom. Any allergy to the environment or to the food is also expressed as an itching sensation between the paws. The preservatives, coloring agents, grains, or even meat can have this effect on the cats.

Anxiety also causes the same reaction. Any sudden change in the life style, a new member into the family can cause stress to the cats and they become anxious. The paw licking due to anxiety will need medications. But before that, make sure the reason behind this problem. Most probably yeast infection is the main reason.

The Allergy Anti Lick Spray is a solution for this allergic reaction in cats. Even some high-quality food can trigger allergic reactions in kitties due to some minor ingredients. The continuous itching may also lead to yeast infections. By applying Allergy Anti Lick Spray topically, it reduces the itchiness and calms the cats immediately.

Allergy Anti Lick Spray ingredients

The Allergy Anti Lick Spray soothes the skin and reduces the inflammation. The components in this spray formula can also prevent the yeast infection. It contains deionized water, aloe vera extract, calendula glycolic extract, comfrey glycolic extract, and bittering agent.

The aloe vera extract itself is highly powerful and possess anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It can kill the itch causing microbes and also prevent the future infection as well. The anti-inflammatory effect of this extract comes handy as the itching is an allergic reaction.

Allergy Anti Lick Spray usage

Allergy Anti Lick Spray is sprayed topically. Hold the bottle close to the cat’s paws and spray a mild coat over the affected area. The spray is soothing to the paws and discourages the cats from further licking.

Allergy Anti Lick Spray is available in a small bottle of 8 oz. the spray can be applied whenever needed. Care must be taken to avoid accidental application into the eyes and nose.

Allergy Anti Lick Spray is suitable to use on all cats, young or old.

Allergic reaction turning to yeast infection

Cats scratch by licking. The licking will make the paws damp which can later lead to yeast infection. Yeast infection can turn intolerable for the kitties. To avoid this, make sure that the Allergy Anti Lick Spray is used pronto.

The diet of the cats also plays a role here. If there has been any change in the kitty’s diet, do revert it. See the labels to check if there is any grain or preservative that is causing the allergy. Cats need raw meat that has natural nutrients. These nutrients can improve its immune system.

Regular grooming also pays well. While bathing thoroughly clean in between the claws as well.

Sometimes insect bites also cause the same reaction which can be misunderstood as food allergy.

Self treatment is not advised at all. Seek the veterinarian’s advice before getting the medication.

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