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Agile Joints PLUS for Cats

Agile Joints For cats

Agile Joints PLUS for cats will help our cats hold on to flexibility and proper mobility even as they age. This herbal medicine can also help them revive quickly after an orthopedic surgery. It is not limited for cats that have aged but any cat having joint troubles can benefit from this medicine. Being totally natural, it will have no side effects on the feline body.


What is Agile joints PLUS for cats?

As mentioned earlier, Agile Joins is an herbal medicine but with more potency than any other herbal medicine due to several unique characteristics that you will learn as you read on. There are several key substances that help in maintaining the health of joints and support the connective tissues in cats. The medicine will keep the joints well lubricated and also help the cats go through a wide range of movements without discomfort that comes with age or joint troubles.

What are the ingredients of Agile Joints PLUS for cats?

DMG or N,N-Dimethyglycine HCL: It is a substance that is naturally produced in the body for oxygenation of cells. It works as an antioxidant to the tissues, cleansing them.

Manganese: When there is sufficient supply of manganese in the body, joint health is sustained. The mineral supports the production of proteoglycans, collagen and GAGS in the body.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): This substance helps to move waste out of the joints and necessary minerals into them. It is a naturally occurring sulfur compound and is found in our body and many foods.  It reduces inflammation in the digestive tracts and contributes to joint health.

Perna canaliculus (GlycOmega brand Green Lipped Mussel): This substance contains GAGs, EFAs, amino acids, chelatd minerals, naturally occurring sulfate and hyaluronic acid. This acid is a main constituent of the synovial fluid which lubricates the cat’s joints. This also helps in cushioning the joints during impact.

Glycosamine HCL: This helps the body in producing proteoglycans and collagens which help in joint mobility and connective tissue health. It also helps in restoring joint health.

What are the inactive ingredients in the medicine?

The inactive ingredients of Agile joints PLUS are soy lecithin, vegetable oil, whey, silicon dioxide, brewer’s yeast, calcium sulfate canola oil, glycerin, citric acid, chicken liver flavor, calcium sulfate, sodium alginate, mixed tocopherols, maltodextrin, propionic acid and rosemary extract none of which will cause any side effects.

Why use Agile Joints PLUS for cats?

This herbal medicine will help in daily maintenance of connective tissue and joints for cats of any age. It is recommended that Agile Joints PLUS be combined with Agile Joints, both from although they work very well on their own. The medicine will help in maintaining metabolism for proper health and regulate removal of waste through the kidneys. The ingredients will prevent accumulation of waste in crystalline form in joints which are the main cause of joint pain and loss of mobility. Blood purification is important in any body for joint health.

Why choose Agile Joints PLUS for cats over other herbal medicines.

Every batch of the medicine is tested before distribution. The laboratories used for the preparation of the medicine are FDA approved and they meticulously follow guidelines. The technique used for manufacturing is such the full biochemical potency of the herbs used in preparation is preserved. The guidelines followed strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP.

Is it a certified medicine?

It is definitely certified. NSF certification protects the customers by ensuring that the highest standards of manufacturing possible are maintained while preparing the medicine. There is a guarantee of 90 day money back which promises full satisfaction and if not, your money is returned to you. The medicine is manufactured in the United States.

Directions for use

It is a chewable medicine. For the initial 4 to 6 weeks, 2 chews per 10 pounds of body weight daily are advised. During the maintenance phase after the initial period, 1 chew per 10 pounds of body weight is advised daily. If more than 2 chews are given, the medicines should be equally divided between AM and PM.

What caution should be followed when taking Agile Joints PLUS for cats?

If the cat is being given any blood thinners, it is not advised to be combined with this medicine as the effects are not confirmed. It is also best not to use during pregnancy.

Who manufactures Agile Joints PLUS for cats?

Agile Joints PLUS is manufactured by and they use the wisdom of holistic vets to contribute to the health of your cats. They use the properties of traditionally used herbs and methods combined with advanced technology to bring happiness to your pets and to you.

Reviews that could help you decide on Agile Joint PLUS for cats.

  • A 20 year old cat with joint pain all over the body caused due to jumping from the bed and staircase was restored to prior health by the medicine- according to pet owner from Costa Mesa, CA.
  •  A 16 and half year old cat with a bad case of arthritis was going down. All types of herbal and holistic medicines were tried, but with no avail. Agile joint PLUS cleansed out the liver of this cat and the arthritis soon began to disappear. – according to a pet owner from Reno, Nv.
  • An 18 year old cat with a severe case of arthritis and also renal insufficiency was given the medicine along with her food. She had no problem taking the medicine. She is now gaining weight, is escaping arthritis and is bouncier than ever. – according to a pet owner from Encinitas, CA.

It is advised that good, healthy food be combined with proper and regular exercise for your cats, age notwithstanding. This will help in good circulation of blood through the body and the joints which is the main function that can avoid arthritis. The agility of your cat depends on you and you can do it easily alongside your own needs!

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