Agile joints is a herbal tonic that addresses cat arthritis and gives joint support to the elderly feline.  As our clawed friends age, their joint and bone movements become increasingly restricted. It is not without pain that we see the pets that once jumped, pawed and flew around a room limping around in a mostart pitiable fashion. This poor condition comes with age although there are cases of arthritis in young cats as well. According to a holistic vet, every cat above the age of ten need extra support for joint movements.

Agile Joints For cats

What is Agile joints?

As mentioned, Agile joints is a herbal medicine that is used to help your cats maintain a normal level of mobility as they age. Even if they have not reached an age where they are categorized as “old”, they can tend to lose cartilage and joint motion. In such circumstances, they need extra support that can hold together the connective tissues and cartilage.

This medicine will help the pets maintain their normal range of motions without losing control over any part. Being herbal, this medicine has no side effects whatsoever.

What does it contain?

An array of carefully chosen herbs constitutes the tonic Agile joints for Cat arthritis and joint support.

  • Boswellia serrata: Also known as Boswellia gum, it is a resin which contains boswellic acid. It is a potent resin and the acid is known for the improving effect it has on joint health. Agile joints has a small quantity of this gum.
  • Yucca glauca: Also known as Yucca root, it is a Mexican plant and is classified as a food plant. The roots of this plant is valuable for joint health and they contain phytochemicals- steroidal saponins and reservatrol.
  • Taraxacum offinicale: It is also known as the Dandellion root. The role of this extract is to support the metabolic health of the cat. The root is full of minerals and helps to maintain uric acid in the body and aids the lever in removing waste and water.
  • Curucuma longa: In other words, Turmeric rhizome has been known for many years for its powerful effect on joint health. It focuses on the main pathways in the body that affect the joints. It also works as an anti-oxidant, regulates immunity in the body and also supports digestive health.
  • Harpagophytum procumbens: It is also known as Devil’s claw tuber. This herb is a reservoir of iridoid glycosides. This substance has a great affect on all the joints of the body and it is used in joint health medicines for both humans and animals.
  • Smilax officinalis: It is also known as sarsaparilla root. This helps the joints in good health and perform without drag. It is used by athletes to improve performance.
  • Equisetum arvense: This is commonly known as the horsetail herb. This plant has been around since the prehistoric times and contains a large quantity of silica which is a key ingredient for the health of joints and bones. The herb is also rich in bioflavanoids which will keep cells and connective tissues of the body healthy.
  • Medicago sativa: More commonly known as the Alfalfa herb, this is a very important ingredient of the Agile joints and helps to keep the blood of the cat body alkaline rather than acidic. High acidity in the blood can ruin joint movement and cause build ups that can be painful.
  • Taraxacum offinicale or the Dandelion leaf: It works quite similar to the root and helps in the normal functioning of the kidney which will remove waste and prevent sedimentation in the joints of the body. It will remove waste products and excess water. Arthritis occurs when there is a crystalline formation in the joints of the body due to waste that is not diluted by the blood.

What are the uses of agile joints?

The Agile joints focus on the main cause of joint pain. The bones at joints, cartilage covering the bone ends, ligaments and the fluid filled joint capsule. This fluid-the synovial fluid- lubricates the joints and also absorbs shock when you cat jumps and walks. For the proper health of joints all these constituents have to work in synchronization when there is proper circulation of blood into and out of these joints, they work properly. Good health of the tissues and bones also help in the proper functioning of the joints.

Agile joints helps in proper tissue health and also remove free radicals from the body among various other functions.  The commonly affected joints of the cat body are knees, ankles, hips, elbows, vertebrae and shoulders. This unique blend supports the underlying physiology of the joints.

Why should you go for Agile joints over other herbal medicines?

The formula for Agile joints is certified organic are prepared from organic herbs which are wild harvested.  The manufacturing techniques used to make the medicine comply to Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP. The full potency of the extract is maintained by utilizing the full biochemical spectrum of the herbs.  The facilities used to manufacture the medicine are follow strict FDA guidelines and are meticulously maintained.

Every batch of Agile joints is tested for quality. The manufacturer follow CVM’s good guidance for pet dietary supplements . the ingredients and caution statements used are according to  national guidelines. The quality of the medicines from this manufactured and are far more superior than other herbal medicines and in addition to that, there is a 90 day guarantee which agrees to return your money if you are not satisfied.

Directions for use

The medicine has to given to your cats twice a day orally. The correct dosage would be 1 drop for every 2 pounds of body weight. The bottle has to be shaken well before use. In order to ease the process of administration, the Agile joints drops have a natural bacon flavor that will attract your pets to swallow them immediately.

Caution has to be maintained if your pet is pregnant or if they are taking any steroid medication. It should not be taken alongside blood thinners. If your cat is on any other medication. Consult your vet before use.