Aggression In Cats

Aggression Formula Spray: Homeopathic Medicine for Excessive Biting & Scratching

Aggression Formula for cats

Cats are adorable creatures with their cute little face and pink nose. But when they are too aggressive it is very difficult to control them. This aggression they will show towards the owners as well as to the strangers. This habit is often upsetting and troublesome. The Aggression Formula spray is a natural, homeopathic formula that can temporarily calm the little feline friends. The natural formula calms the cats and their behavior will be at their best as the ingredients are capable of influencing the nervous system and help maintain a relaxed state, even under stressful situations for them.

Why cats show aggression?

Cats showing aggression are mostly due to some underlying disease or disorder. Some painful conditions, nervous system disorders, and other disturbing diseases may push the cats towards aggression as they do not know any other way to express their frustrations. The cats may show excessive biting tendency and may scratch longer and more frequently. This behavior may be towards other cats also. This makes them difficult to cope with other kitties and almost make them a socially isolated. Aggression formula spray helps them stay calm and have a normal life without the side effects of the nervous system drugs.

Aggression Formula Spray- Ingredients

  • Scutellaria helps the cats relax and relieves nervous tension. The sedative effect of this herb can revive the central nervous system and is the best option for the nervousness arises from fear.
  • Chamomilla is a herb that is being used to calm the excessive biting of the cats who are having their toothing. This herb will reduce the aggressiveness in excessive biting. It is also effective oversensitive, irritable, short tempered and moody cats.
  • Belladonna is effective in controlling the anguish and relieve the restlessness. The fear, and mood change is also reduced.
  • Arsen alb is useful for animals in many ways and what relevant here is its use in reducing restlessness and nervous state of mind.
  • Hepar sulph works on the sudden irritation, hypersensitivity towards pain and being violently angry.

The Dosage regime

The Aggression formula spray is easy to use as it needs only to be sprayed into the mouth of the cat. It can also be sprayed into the food or water for the cat. The dose is having 2 sprays into the desired target (mouth, food or water) for 10 times at 30 minutes apart on the initial day. Use regularly as recommended for best results. A single bottle is enough for a month.

Change to only 3 times a day from then onwards. Aggression formula spray is non-addictive and is safe to use for as long as needed and can be stopped anytime. It may not be advisable for pregnant and nursing kitties. The cats may show immediate response and may have a delayed but sure relief from the aggression and behavioral problems.

The Bottom line

The bottom line is that Aggression formula spray can provide only temporary relief and does not cure the actual problem. The permanent solution will need a doctor’s consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. Use Aggression formula spray only as assistance and not as a cure.

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