Aggression In Cats

Aggression Formula – Relief For Behavior Problems In Cats

Aggression Formula for cats

Pets are like kids. They also have to endure behavioral problems. Aggression Formula is a homeopathic formula that helps the cats calm down their aggression related behavioral problems. The aggression is common in nervous cats. Nervous cats do not enjoy the company of others, people or animals. It makes them stand alone at times and the socialization of these feline friends will affect drastically. It may also affect them mentally and emotionally. Try these Aggression Formula granules to have well behaved, socializing, delightfully interacting cats that are friendly to all and one.

The natural way to reduce aggression

Aggression Formula helps reduce the excessive biting and scratching by the nervous cats. It can provide support for the nervous system and make it function normally in stressed and strung kittens. The relaxed mind is also maintained, even under stressful situations. This homeopathic formula is a long lasting way to have relief from behavioral problems and to promote their normal behavior socially.

The biggest advantage of Aggression Formula is that it can be used only when needed or can be used regularly. There are no chemicals used in its manufacturing. It is also not addictive so that a sudden stop in its usage will not trigger withdrawal symptoms in cats.

Aggression Formula- Ingredients and Dosage

There are 6 main ingredients in the making of Aggression Formula of which three are herbs. These herbal ingredients are added in its diluted form which makes it suitable for the delicate body of the felines. Each ingredient will work on different aspect and help calm the cats.

  • Scutellaria is a nervous sedative and is useful for those who have nervous fear.
  • Chamomilla is a nerve calming herb that curbs the over sensitiveness, anger and vexation, irritability, short temper, and also the moody and hateful behavior as well.
  • Belladonna can reduce the furious excitement showed by nervous cats, furious rages and the hyperaethesia of all senses.
  • Arsen can relieve restlessness, fear, unnecessary worry, and frequently changing mood.
  • Hepar sulph can change the habit of getting irritated at the slightest notion and the tendency to be violent when angry.
  • Sucrose is added but is a rather inactive ingredient and just makes the granules sweet for the cats to have them without trouble.

The dosage of the granules is by sprinkling the product directly into the mouth of the felines. It is also suitable to be mixed with the cat’s food. The first dose is to administer every 30 minutes for a maximum of 6 times. From next day onwards it is given daily 3 times a day. Administer a large pinch of granules each time. A single bottle can last for 30 days.

It is safe to use on cats of all ages, young or old. It is also safe from any drug interactions and can be used with other drugs or supplements also. But care must be taken with pregnant cats. Regular usage will sure bring positive results in the behavior of your cats. It can also improve the overall health of the pet as well.

Other supportive methods

Making the pets indulge in exercises and other activities will help burst some energy in them which will also help control their behavior. The natural remedy Aggression Formula will work naturally without making any trouble on the health of the pets.

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