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Addlife By Wysong
AddLife is a feline food supplement that is highly beneficial. It contains not just the targeted supplement but has a wide spectrum of nutrients in it. It also gives importance to the particular nutrient which is added slightly more.

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AddLife Feline Food Supplement Benefits

AddLife in fact adds more to the life of the cats by improving its immune system. A stronger immune system will be able to resist more diseases and that helps in maintaining a healthier body for longer. It also makes any food more nutritious and appropriate for the cats to have what they are born for.

The inclusion of raw meat is what making AddLife a genetically correct supplement for the cats. The raw meat contains natural digestive enzymes that can improve the overall nutrient absorption that improves the health. Simply having food does not enhance the health, it happens only when the nutrients are absorbed properly and that can be ensured by the digestive enzymes inside the system. AddLife provides the protein, amino acids, and vitamins in addition to the needed enzymes. All these are taken from natural sources. It has no artificial ingredient that can cause problems later. It is completely safe to use on all cats.

AddLife Ingredients

  • Chicken, chicken liver and enzymatic digest of the chicken organs and meat are the primary ingredients that provides many nutrients such as protein, fat, cholesterol and other nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamins.
  • There are a few powders added of wheat grass, barley grass, organic blueberry, sesame seeds, carrot etc. All these contribute to the carbohydrates, antioxidants, fiber etc that are helpful in many ways. Each of these components have its role in improving the feline health.
  • Amino acids such as DL-methionine and L-carnitine are also added in the AddLife preparation. DL-methionie is beneficial for the skin and coat and at the same time add more taste to the food it is added into. It is a natural amino acid present in fish and meat which is lost while cooking and processing. Adding it in AddLife helps the feline get back the lost nutrient into its food and take advantage of it. L-carnitine is needed for fatty acid transportation in cats and the deficiency may lead to heart and skeletal disorders.
  • There are extracts of rosemary, garlic, and sage in the AddLife for its medicinal values.
  • Vitamins like A, C, D3, B12, niacin, thiamin, folic acid etc are also part of the ingredients list.
  • The mineral wealth has the copper, zinc, manganese, selenium, menadione, riboflavin, calcium pantothenate, pyridoxine, choline chlorise etc. Polysaccharides like fructuoligosaccharides and mannanoligosaccharides are also included.
  • There are microorganisms that can produce the necessary enzymes are also added in the product. The natural enzymes produced by them are beneficial for the cats in many ways. They help with digestion and improve the nutrient absorption that has direct impact on the immune system improvement that prolongs the life of the cats. They also contribute to the probiotic population as well.

The analysis reveals that the protein content is 20%, fat 9% and fiber is 2%. The moisture is also present in good amount with a little of taurine amino acid also.

The bottom Line

The bottom line is that the addition of AddLife into the cat’s food of any kind will have an increased nutritional value to it. The cooking and processing might have lost a better portion of the nutrients which will be filled in by the AddLife. Simply sprinkle a teaspoon full of AddLife on to the cat food served.

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