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Acepromazine for Cats

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Acepromazine is a tranquilizer that is usually used prior to surgery in cats. This is a sedative that can prevent vomiting and is mostly used right before the anesthesia. Though used by vets in clinic this drug is also useful for home usage. From the VetapprovedRx online pharmacy, this drug is available for purchase with a prescription from the veterinarian. In clinics, it is also used to calm down the cats that are too excited for examinations and treatments or grooming also.

What is the process to get Acepromazine?

Place an order at the Vetapproved online store along with the prescription given by the veterinarian. Also, provide the veterinarian’s fax number or email address at the checkout. Prescription verification will be done in the background. Once the veterinarian approves the prescription and sign and sends the report back to the pharmacy, the product will be shipped to the customer.

Are there any side effects of Acepromazine?

  • Acepromazine is not a medication that can be used daily or regularly. It is used once only when it is needed. The medication is sold as a single tablet of 10 mg or 25 mg.
  • The drug is useful as it is but it also comes with a few negative effects on the cats as well. The most common side effect of this drug is decreased respiratory rate, hypotension, and bradycardia. The felines may also suffer from pulse rate fluctuations, breathing, pale gums and may even collapse.
  • Fatality is very rare but cannot be ruled out. The reason behind it is its interaction with anesthetics.

What are the precautions required?

  • The precautionary steps for using these particular drugs are many. It has quite a long list of drug interactions and medical conditions.
  • Acepromazine is not fit to use in cats that are dehydrated, in shock or are anemic. It has the capability to lower the blood pressure.
  • Older cats that have diseases like liver problems, heart diseases, debilitation, or injury should not be given this drug. Though some of the elder cats can tolerate a smaller dose of this, in others even the smaller dose may be troublesome.
  • Cats that have ever suffered seizures or are prone to it should stay away from Acepromazine. Cats that have a history of epilepsy also fall under this category. The ability of this drug to lower the seizure threshold is threatening to them.
  • Cats that do not go well with tetanus and strychnine poisoning are not fit for this medication.
  • Pregnant cats and nursing kitties are also to stay away from this drug. Some young cats may also don’t take this well as it can affect their thermo regulate.
  • The other drug interactions of this medication involve the non-mixing of this with antacids as it can reduce the effectiveness; anti-diarrheal drugs also don’t go well with Acepromazine.
  • Acepromazine should not be used within a month after dewormong with organo-phosphate compounds.

These side effects and drug interactions are the reason why this drug is sold with a veterinarian’s prescription. The vet would know better whether or not this drug would be beneficial for the kitty, as expected.

Over dosage risks

The overdosage risks of Acepromazine is also to be feared of. The overdose of this tranquilizer will result in slow respiration, heart rate and poor coordination of the body parts. In case of overdosage, take measures to empty the kitty’s stomach.

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